Guess Whaaat Beta

Guess the outcomes of your favorite shows

Step 1: Watch!

Sit back and watch your show.

And remember: “A series a day keeps the doctor away!”

Step 2: Guess!

Respond to the question and predict the storyline of the show by choosing one of the suggested outcomes.

May the best viewer win!

Step 3: Theorize!

Submit your theories and let the community vote!

Imagination, life is your creation!

Dear TSA - Tvshow Anonymous <3 When an episode ends with a hurtful cliffhanger, we are obsessed by one common thought: how will we survive waiting until the next episode? Who will sit on the Iron Throne ? Will Meredith Grey ever be happy ? Sooo many questions left unanswered (until now!). Guess Whaaat will change for ever the way you watch your favorite show. Because being right just feels right, we created this killer app. It was about time to give viewers the chance to challenge each other on the outcome of their favorite shows. “Of course Robert wasn’t dead, I knew it”... my GUESS WHAAAT score can prove it! Game on writers, may the best viewer win ! :p
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