Guess The Twitter Source

TechCrunch, Hacker News, Onion or Product Hunt?

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Created by 16-year-old @eeirinberg, inspired by this tweet from @semil. Fun hack, Ethan. :)
@rrhoover Wow that's amazing! Kudos @eeringberg! All I did 5 years ago on a computer was use MSN :D
best streak I could manage was 6
Managed to get 10. Would be nice to see the source link for each headline.
@KeeranRavee good idea. I'll add this on tonight.
@KeeranRavee Just updated it! Thanks for the suggestion
Thanks @rrhoover and @gkoberger. I built this in a couple hours right after @semil tweeted the idea for it. Feel free to ask any questions!
pretty fun! just got to 17. :)