Guess the Throne

A free Game of Thrones death pool for Season 8

Guess the Throne is a 100% free way to create a death pool to celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones. Create a group or join a public one, submit your picks, and invite your friends! We handle the scoring, rules, and everything else.
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Love this so much. Will definitely be setting up a death pool with my friends!
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@theteaguns Thanks for the support Mac!
πŸ‘‹πŸ»Hey ProductHunt, Marcus from Guess the Throne here. My friends and I are avid fans of the show, but we live all over so using paper death pools wasn't going to get the job done. After looking around online without seeing an alternative, we decided to build one. Guess the Throne is a death pool contest for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones! You can compete with groups of friends or publicly to guess who survives Season 8 and who will end up sitting the Iron Throne. This is how it works: - Create a group or join one - Go through the list of remaining characters and decide their fate - Select who you think wins the Iron Throne - After each episode, we update the scores so you can see how you compare to your friends - Most points at the end of the season wins! It was important to us to keep this free and open to the community, so we're launching on Product Hunt to help it catch on since we didn't budget for marketing. Let me know what you think, and if there's something missing let me know and we're happy to make updates! Get your picks in before April 14th! πŸŽ‰ Marcus
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@mwood23 hi guys! Having troubles with loading your website. Know issue, or?
@kyrylo We've locked entries so you can't create groups or anything. Is the website loading for you at all? If not, please let me know the browser and link you're trying to access and I'll look into it.
Already have some friends in a group with me, it looks great. Only a few more weeks before I start winning!
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@michael_b2 Thanks Michael! You may have some still competition with the founding team. A couple of us are Game of Thrones nerds πŸ€“!
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Beats the paper pools my friends and I have made before.


Looks great, seems to work well, friends had no problem joining in.


Just waiting for some more users to join in!

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Love it. It would be great if you could add 'lives, dies or white walker' πŸ€“
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@bhushitagarwal For sure, we had it in there an then took it out because in our testing people said it took them too long to fill out the bracket. We're experimenting with making it a group level feature so you can add it in if you want it!