Guardian Circle is the first blockchain-based emergency response system that acts as an AMBER Alert-style warning for your own private network. The app alerts your designated circle of friends - or 'guardians' - if you need help so a trusted response team can organize to dispatch help closest to your emergency.

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I'll be presenting Guardian Circle at the WCEF conference January 15th & 16th in San Francisco.
also; we're just much better than other offerings :)
@hayesdata We have a very sophisticated contact manager in-app that shows which of your contacts are already in Guardian Circle and makes it easy for you to connect with them. That doesn't sound like much, but that was actually pretty hard to do. Same goes for really great carrier / SMS support (and fallbacks) around the world.
Hey @hayesdata & @markjeffrey, Can you tell us more about what you've built here and how it differs from other similar products?
@hayesdata @markjeffrey @jacqvon Hi Jacqueline -- We're the first to put friends, family, neighbors, vetted citizen responders (Uber-ized ex-military, EMT's, Ambulance (in remote villages: "The guy with the truck who can drive to the hospital")) AND professional response (cops, regular ambulance) on a SINGLE shared emergency alert & communications grid. We get EVERYONE relevant on a location-sharing map + chatroom: we organize the response. This cuts down on the 'fog of war' in emergencies -- and gets info FAST to responders ("Mark is unconscious? He's deadly-allergic to bee stings, check for that!"). Chances are your network (friends, family, neighbors) are CLOSEST and can help you FASTEST. We allow Unlimited Guardians, Unlimited Alerts, so add as many people as you like. We're also the first to offer an API so anyone can plug any device or service into our grid. The XPRIZE Foundation has partnered with us on the Women's Safety XPRIZE for this reason. We have 87 contestants in 17 countries building devices that use our API. We've used it ourselves to create an Amazon Alexa Voice App (Skill) so you can just call for help with your voice and this will send a Guardian Circle Alert. We have a CarPlay version in the works as well. Finally, we are the first to introduce a cryptocurrency token, Guardium, as a payment mechanism & smart contract device. This means Guardian Circle is transportable across borders: no matter where you are in the world, push a button: a flash mob of (vetted) help comes. The Guardium blockchain also stores Alert Transcripts (so they are immutable and tamper-proof evidence), and the Alerting Party has sole custody of the encryption keys. Lastly, we provide an Emergency Information Lock Box (also encrypted on the blockchain) (your secret health issue, where the key is hidden in your front yard, etc.) that is only made available when you declare an Alert, and only available to your designated recipients. And one more point: Gifting will be a common activity we believe -- you can remotely sponsor safety in the developing world using Guardium: pay for a beneficiary's subscription service to upgraded protection. Now, because you sent Guardium DIRECTLY, it did NOT go through a .gov or .org or bank, so you KNOW it was not spent inefficiently or inappropriately (see Red Cross in Haiti). Down the road, we will provide 'extreme impact tracking': see how every donated Guardium-penny was spent as easily as you would a FedEx package. Phew. Think I'm done now :) Guardian Circle is released now worldwide. The Guardium-related stuff is still being built (though we have coins and wallets now).
This seems like a product that would be very hard to create an MVP for... what's been the development and design process? Where has the funding come from?
@chrismessina You would be right about that :) To get the thing to REALLY work well (on iOS and Android, on different carriers around the world, on different screen sizes, etc.) took us a year and a half. Plus all the little UI niceties (the in-app contact manager that senses which of your contacts are already members and 'suggests them') -- do that WELL took time We've raised $160K in seed. That's it. We've sold a lot more that that in Guardium's Token presale, but that was only VERY recently (we've been working on this for 2.5 years). So the ICO route has already been a LOT more effective that the angel / vc route for us, no question. So what you're seeing in release right now is the result of 2.5 years and $160K.
@markjeffrey awesome, very helpful. Congrats on your success so far...! Very curious if you know much about the folks who participated in the ICO and why? Is there anything specific about Guardian that attracted their participation, from what you can tell?
This was just tweeted by a Guardian Circle user -- thought I'd share here: "The @guardiancircle "Our Story" page is quite compelling. It's an origin story + use case shared as a relatable, real-life anecdote that emotionally draws you in. Great work, @markjeffrey + team! (Glad the story ended well, too!)"