Guard My Lease

Don't pay for damage you didn't cause when renting

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Co-founder here, Happy to answer any questions about the product :) We wrote this app to help tenants and owners protect themselves when it comes to damage they didn't cause. I've had some wasted dollars on fixing damage that I didn't cause but didn't have evidence to show otherwise. Thanks guys Thanks @_jacksmith for the hunt.
Great app idea, and execution looks good. Are the photos shared between the landlord and tenant?
@dylankbuckley Thanks Dylan. You have the ability to share the photos with anyone. We have two options of either sharing a link of all your photos in a file and/or we provide a PDF report that has all your photos and descriptions nicely separated into room locations. You can then attach the report to wherever you like. I.e giving it to your landlord or attaching it to your condition report when moving into the property.
@zane_grant what are the in-app purchases? Not listed on the app page. Never like it when that's the case.
@anodigital @zane_grant will fix this up today. The in app purchase allows you to get unlimited photos stored On the cloud aswell as a PDF report and ZIP file of your images emailed and shareable.Thanks
@aden_james_tranter @anodigital Thanks for your feedback. We have now updated our description in the App Store to state what is the difference between free and paid (via In-App Purchase).
I've done this on my phone the previous 2 places I moved into. My only worries have been 1) I'd somehow not back up my photos and videos, and not be able to find them when I need them and 2) someone wouldn't believe these were taken when moving in b/c somehow I documented all of this myself (regardless of metadata) and I'd have to lawyer up to prove it. Using a 3rd party with no incentive sounds like a great move to cover all of this. Nicely done you guys!
@kristofertm I had also taken photos on my phone but 4 years later had a new phone so I didn't have the photos backed up. Thanks for the feedback.
This is so awesome! I always fear a landlord is going to charge me for something I didn't do. Now I've got this handy tool on my side. Thanks Aden!
Second of the two co-founders. Happy to answer questions :)