The simplest, manual budget tracker powered by AI

#5 Product of the DayOctober 07, 2018

Guac is the easiest, manual budget tracker. Spreadsheets and automated budget trackers suck,

guac doesn't.

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@seong_seog_lee there are so many budgeting apps, why do you use this over the others?
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@amrith Thanks for the question! I personally like to record all of my transactions because it makes me more conscious about how I'm spending my money, but found that working with spreadsheets / YNAB wasn't natural to me. I designed this as though I were talking to a friend, "Oh man, I just spent 150 dollars on drinks last night..."
@salva_alfocea Great question, you can get started by heading to the app and put in your number. It'll text you instructions pretty quickly on how to begin.
What are your privacy protocols?
This looks interesting. But it asks for the phone number, what do you do with it? A lot of people will be asking this question, IMO you should include a Privacy Policy beforehand.
where does the AI come in?
@jasonhitchcock Currently it's mainly in the NLP part, but will be expanding it to make all parts of the budgeting process easier for manual budgeters