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Marko Russiver
@markorussiver · Founder & CEO @ Guaana
https://www.guaana.com/projects/... Seems like Guaana's community wants to build an app for it! Awesome, lets do it.
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Marko Russiver
@markorussiver · Founder & CEO @ Guaana
Thank you @bramk for hunting Guaana! Hey everyone, I'm Marko Russiver, founder of Guaana. Guaana is a platform for scientists, innovators, change-makers and pioneers to connect with each other, share knowledge and build teams to work on shared projects. We built Guaana because we believe there is a better way for scientific collaboration. A shared online … See more
Danny Fiorentini
@dannyfiorentini · Founder of @MuzeekHQ
Kristo Mägi
@akacoxy · Founder at Deekit, Techstars alumni
I'm a big believer of knowledge sharing and solving global challenges with many minds is the key to succeeding as humankind. Guaana platform is important to bring fantastic and smart people together to solve common goals that current social media platforms really can't cut it as they're not designed for this and traditional online forums are really outdated… See more
Mickael Coenca
@mcoenca · software engineer
Really good one. Lots of questions, feedback and ideas spread to my mind Q: - Why can't we use this tool for creative or startup projects ? I would love to put the subject and idea behind my startup (that is also a knowledge organisation) in an open discussion like this. EDIT: ok I see people do it, but in a science-oriented way. Great. - What's you're long… See more
Raul Tiru
@raultiru · Founder RaulTiru.com (Social Enterprise)
I love what you're doing! Connecting people to solve problems kicks A**! You might want to take a look at the Climate CoLab, a social enterprise that uses crowdsourcing of ideas to seek solutions to the problem of climate change (by MIT). http://climatecolab.org/ I'm 'borrowing' many design elements from Climate CoLab to improve my platform where I utili… See more