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Thank you @bramk for hunting Guaana! Hey everyone, I'm Marko Russiver, founder of Guaana. Guaana is a platform for scientists, innovators, change-makers and pioneers to connect with each other, share knowledge and build teams to work on shared projects. We built Guaana because we believe there is a better way for scientific collaboration. A shared online space where ideas are discussed openly and rapidly improved by many minds. Truly innovative and creative ideas come from divergent thinking — connecting the dots where others haven’t. And, even the best scientists can learn a great deal from people with complementary knowledge or be stimulated to consider ideas in directions they wouldn’t have on their own. We are building Guaana to accelarate collaboration. A hub to scale up creative conversation, to connect and build meaningful partnerships. A place that speeds up the problem-solving process, and expands the range of problems that can be solved by the human mind. I hope that hunters taking a look at Guaana results in new and awesome science backed products showing up here in near months. My team and I would love to get your feedback, ideas and thoughts and most importantly your understading of how such co-creation platform could evolve. Happy hunting! Edit: Yesterday Futurism wrote about us, check it out:
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@markorussiver Great idea Marko! My girlfriend (she's a molecular biologist) has been dreaming about this for a long time! I would love to see more feature in the future: sharing knowledge between laboratories, help other laboratories that are looking for specific hardware by creating a big database of "in stock" material and encourage the exchange of researchers from all around the world.
@gglepori one of the expansions on the pipleline is to make it possible to sign up as organizations and labs for that same reason. Sharing is caring, especially in the scientific world :)
@markorussiver Totally agree with you!
@markorussiver if only all university legal departments felt the same way about IP.... I find that generally to be the biggest hurdle with external collaborators (I'm a tier 1 research university).
@joelle_writes we are trying to figure it out. Thats the next big step. We have gathered some of the best collaborators to work with us on it globally. We've met with Oxford people in CERN for a full day brainstorm. We have talked with e-residency experts in Estonia if we can find a solution through blockchain. We dont know the answer yet. But we are working on it and pooling our time and money in to this.
@markorussiver Curious as to what the name represents or how you came up with it?
@dannyfiorentini haha, I feel there's a bit of a hint in the air about Guano. ;) Here's the story behind the name - The name Guaana is a derivative of gnana (, a Sanskrit term for knowledge. Just with some extra ring to it. And yes, we are content with it’s resemblance to guano (, which just happens to be one of the best natural fertilizers in the world.
@markorussiver ALLLLLL RIGHTTYYYY THEN!!!!
I'm a big believer of knowledge sharing and solving global challenges with many minds is the key to succeeding as humankind. Guaana platform is important to bring fantastic and smart people together to solve common goals that current social media platforms really can't cut it as they're not designed for this and traditional online forums are really outdated. I hope through this platform we're able to solve problems in energy, education, population growth and other areas affecting our way and quality of life already. Good luck to Guaana and keep it going! 🙌
@akacoxy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Really good one. Lots of questions, feedback and ideas spread to my mind Q: - Why can't we use this tool for creative or startup projects ? I would love to put the subject and idea behind my startup (that is also a knowledge organisation) in an open discussion like this. EDIT: ok I see people do it, but in a science-oriented way. Great. - What's you're long term vision: to be a scientific talent community hub (Tinder for Scientists), or to become a collaborative project development platform (Github/Trello for scientific projects) ? I guess of course it's somewhere in between you don't know yet :) - What is your planned BM ? Answering your question @markorussiver "How such a co-creation platform could evolve": Blogging + organization platform to kickstart any project and be able to receive feedback from interested and interesting people in it. For instance with a process of creating a new project that would at the same time create a beautiful landing page of the project with blog posts, a header made of succint project description / presentation video milestones, roadmap and state of the project on the roadmap. It would I think be awesome to test and develop your tool with student projects first: You get one university through partnership (and given your team it's going to be really easy), you get 100 beta testers a year. They are the ones needing mentoring (connect) the most, they last a few months so it speeds up your feedback loop, many of them lack project management skills, but are open to new technologies and collaborative IP, and it allows them at the end to quickly show their FF and potential recruiters what and how they've been working on during school without the hassle of maintaining web pages, design etc... More experienced people on your network will feel more valuable helping students, and it works great as a social status (I can see Twitter updates and Hobby pages like "Helping scientific projects from students all around the world through Guaana ( request my advice here http://guaana/mickaelcoenca) ".) Fb: - Landing page part about projects is not clear enough on the value you (as a platform) bring to project collaboration. All I can see is that people do stuff about scientific projects, I don't see how and why it's better than say a chat app before login. Landing part about connections is clearer. - The skill set selector is weird: I don't know how to formulate exactly my skillset to match something as your full list of skills is hidden. Plus, you (maybe on purpose) omit many many skills, and I can't add mine. Why Literature is present where Music isn't ? ... - The UX and design of the project page can really be improved. The beginning of the page should enforce more concise project description before diving into the Medium-sized scientific. Milestones part being on the right and being independant of any context and categorization makes it tough to understand. And they kind of looked like open ended questions more than milestones on the project I've seen. I would love to see something more organized: Theory: -Milestone algorithm: Blablabla - MS chemical reaction: blablalba Application: UX of app / UX of landing: blablabla UX of ... My 2 cents, amazing project, good luck, Mickael
@mcoenca Thank you for such an insightful overview, feedback and set of questions. Here we go. - As you saw the startup's can post projects, but have to aim the questions from scientific/research point of view. - I believe science can be as open source as development is today. This needs some time and support from the community, but can happen. So, we are heading Github way because this can bring forth the most positive change. It's not as easy as Tider for scientists would be, but if it would be easy we'd get bored :) - We might be offering private projects in the future. We have tons of different scenarios on the table and will certainly discuss these through with our community. One thing is for sure - we want to empower our community through monetizing, so the platform will always be free to join and for public projects. No paywalling or other shenanigans. Regarding your (AWESOME!) ideas of parterships. We have been working with some big organizations while designing this platform, there will be news soon about that. (can't promote it yet, contracts in the works, sorry.) I love the idea of Project being a hub. Making it really easy to kick off powerful ideas by removing the need for any web presence development and additionally involving relevant expertise straight from the community. Jackpot! - Project page will get a complete overhaul in a week or so. Agreed complteley with all the points. Welcome to Guaana. You belong there.
@mcoenca Field suggestion is also in the works. It is actually quite challenging to come up with a good list of fields. People have difficulty agreeing on the term science, let alone all the fields in it. :)
I love what you're doing! Connecting people to solve problems kicks A**! You might want to take a look at the Climate CoLab, a social enterprise that uses crowdsourcing of ideas to seek solutions to the problem of climate change (by MIT). I'm 'borrowing' many design elements from Climate CoLab to improve my platform where I utilize the power of Marketers and Designers to help World-Changing Organizations. Looking forward to seeing how our movements evolve. Please keep up the good work ;)
@raultiru Ive actually been in touch with ClimateCoLab's president and they are following Guaanas activities :) I'll also check your site. Thanks for kind words, Raul. Spread the love! :)
@markorussiver I'm already spreading the love all over Twitter! Please don't be too hard on our interface yet! It's really in the early stage, still. We had a successful project with Lucky Iron Fish (B-corp Social Enterprise) and we're having conversation with two big Non-Profits to help them out. Looking forward to learning from each other! BTW as a platform builder, I love the work of Sangeet Paul Choudary: He writes a lot about how great platforms like AirBnB, Alibaba, Uber and many others have gained success, using platform thinking, which is a lot different than the traditional Pipe Thinking. Also, to attract Marketers and Designers who might be willing to give free advice to World-Changing organizations, I write Marketing related blog posts. Works like a charm, so far :) Hope some of this info is helpful.
@raultiru Get in touch with Ain Kuuseok on Guaana. He is our product lead, master of UX. Connect, talk, learn. This is what guaana is for. :)
@markorussiver Thank you so much. We're rewriting our code at the moment. Once that's finished I will and we've published our improved interface, I'll definitely contact him! Is there something I could do for you? For instance, I know quite a bit about platform thinking. I wrote my thesis about it.
@raultiru match made in heaven. Ain has been researching platform thinking heavily for last 1,5 years. Lets talk :) I think this will be awesome!