German Shepherd emojis / stickers for iPhone & Android

GSDmoji app is an emoji and sticker app made for German Shepherd lovers. You can send cute german shepherd emojis and stickers to your friends through text and social media. GSDmoji is one of the few emoji apps that you can use in Facebook comments and replies.

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Hello Hunters! I'd like to announce the release of GSDmoji - German Shepherd emojis and stickers for mobile (IOS & Android). We hope you like it. If you are interested in learning the process of how we went about designing it, read further. First, i have 3 GSD (German Shepherd Dogs) myself. So i'm very passionate about the breed. In fact, my youngest "Zen" is featured in the screenshot you see above. They were the inspiration for the creation of the app. When designing the ideas I set out to come up various use cases that specifically German Shepherd lovers would like to see and use. I researched the most commonly used ones (smiley, sad, laughing, etc), and then built additional ones that Dog lovers (but especially German Shepherd Lovers) would identify with and use. For example, every dog lover dreads and expresses when they go through a loss. So i created a "Sorry for your loss" emoji. Every Emoji and sticker in here are unique and well thought out. I then listed out 40 "ideas" for emoji's in a spreadsheet on google docs. I then brought in a friend Ester Conceigo - who is a cartoonist/ concept artist to do the rough sketches for the ideas. She then passed them back to me and I created the final images you see based off her concepts. Each one took me about an hour to do the line work and color/shade it using photoshop. I had purchased a template app file (doggiemoji) through Blue Cloud Select, and i had worked with a developer (take out app development) to do all the code related work of setting these up within the template. I also came up with an idea for additional functionality to allow facebook users to access these images easily/conveniently by storing them all into a folder on the users iphone/ipad (with their permission), so they could use them through the "add a photo" function, which allows users to be able to use them in facebook comments and replies. Although itunes doesn't allow for a developer to say that any proceeds are going to charity, I'm announcing it here (and on the facebook page for the app) that 20% of the profits go to German Shepherd related charities. Which we are totally transparent about by posting it on facebook where the money goes each month, however little or big. Maybe this is a lot of info but i thought some of you may appreciate the process of the creation. Thanks for looking :)
@polygrafix I run, so... this is neat. What do I do with them? is it basically just a photoset?
@rossdcurrie it's a keyboard extension and sticker app, which allows you to use the images within text messages on your iphone. We also added functionality which allows you to download all the images into a folder on your device, so that you can use them with any app that allows you to "add a photo", such as in Facebook comments and replies. I believe we may the first emoji app to do this, I've not seen any others doing it, but since facebook doesn't allow users to use stickers outside of their own store, I thought this a unique workaround. - but to answer your question- yes, at its core it's just a set of images. Btw- your boy is beautiful!
@polygrafix interesting... why does it require full access to operate? I went to install using the in-app instructions, and Apple said you're trying to steal my credit card info :D
@rossdcurrie Thank you for bringing this up. This is a common issue that consumers of emoji apps have and this gives me the opportunity to address that publically. First and foremost. Let me state that we (the developers) access NO personal information through the app. Zero. We respect your privacy. In short- the Apple warning is a blanket statement issued by Apple when a developer has an app that utilizes the keyboard extension. (ie: emoji / sticker apps). Why? Because through the keyboard, the user is accessing a keyboard functionality which MAY leave them vulnerable in certain cases. However, the Apple warning about sensitive information such as credit card numbers does not apply to our keyboard because you can only send Emojis and Stickers with our keyboard, you cannot type regular text using our keyboard, you are limited to copying and pasting stickers from it. It does not have access to information typed with a regular text keyboard. Also, We don't gather any data from any input methods within the app. Everything is self contained within the app on the client side. The only data we gather is through third party general analytics tools such as facebook pixel for our ability to advertise and track the origin of those downloads, and appfigures for general analytics such as what percentage of users come from the USA, Candada, etc. None of the data is of a personal nature, we only gather aggregate information. More on the Apple keyboard warning here: Go to: "System Keyboard Features Unavailable to Custom Keyboards"
Probably the best quality emoji app in the market. I had a german shepherd while growing up and it makes me happy that there is an app like this in the app store. Love it!
@kshark27 Thank you Kartik!
This is one of the best... and I should know! I've downloaded over 100 emoji apps in the last 6 months! :)
Love it, LOVE GSD's