Facebook and Linkedin group analytics

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why wouldn't someone just use a full analytics product like Simply measured (which is free for similar group analysis)?
People use groups extensively enough to need data from them?
@torbahax yep :) you can also make money out of group.
Hello, our service is new and unique. No one else provides Facebook groups stats & analytics. Please try grytics and you will see the added value it dekivers ( have a nice day.
@stephane_baudin cool product, i'm curious to know if people actually pay the monthly fees as for example i need some data but not all and I can't afford 99euros yet but I have a group of 5k+ members all very active....I would certainly pay someone on fiverr to get the info I need like the list of members...that would cost nothing also sociograph would give good hint for the rest of the data... so is it sustainable, are brands starting to make most of the groups? is it part of your marketing and strategy to go see brands. I see you are French and we are a bit FRILEUX when it comes to stuff like this... also with facebook starting advertising in groups are you gonna change the product a bit? som emany question ahahah :)
@neila_romdane hey. Our service is designed for people who want to follow up their groups activity and manage them, not only get members lists or posts. We keep record and track of what is happening in your groups such as new and former members, activity and engagement and this for any number of groups. You can also compare and bencchmark groups in your dashboard, get addtional users for team work and much more. So when you subscribe you are sure to find all your groups stats and insights in one place, updated weekly or daily. with the reports you need as a company or an agency. An other point is that we are a company, so we have rules and we are compliant to the law regarding the data we collect. You underline that we are french and this is a good point for our customers as laws about data privacy are really strict here. And this is a real concern for most of our users, so we offer them security. Regarding advertising we have more and more customers that are using the tool to measure the audience to value their groups (ie number of actives users, peak of activity..) . I hope I have answered to your questions. Grytics has now a 30 days trial with most of the features, even the members list export, so you're welcome. Have a nice day. Stéphane.