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Should've had this when I was in school!
@robertkeus maybe you can answer some Q's?
@bramk Sure. I am available for Q's right now!
Funny I just had a conversation on gamified learning today. We both agreed that it should be an intrinsic motivation and so gamification won't help. How do you keep the rewards relevant? I.e. not like the 'do this and win an iPad' campaigns.
@thisisjorik good question. We offer three types of rewards; Experiences (Trips, Cooking workshops, etc.), Grwo Your Network (meeting with iconic leaders) and Product Rewards (Gift Cards, Shoes, Books, etc.). The Experiences and Grwo Your Network are really important rewardcategories for our platform. These rewards are unique and are an added value for students. For example we offer a meet and greet with Richard Belluzzo (former COO Microsoft) or a four day trip to Baja (Mexico).
intrisic motivataion would be what drives learning .. not sure how effective a gamified point system would be especially with monetary reward gains.. could probably get abused?
@acondurache Great questions. Of course we hope that students are motivated intrinsically! However, there’s a great deal of research on the use of incentives in education. This research suggests that incentives actually /do/ work to encourage positive behaviours. For example, take a look at the studies referenced in this news article: We also are aware that cheating is possible. However, we’ve implemented a number of tools to reduce cheating, from an honor code to random validation requests. Again, research suggests that even having just an honor code reduces cheating. Again, here’s an article that references some of the research we’ve done: Thanks for the feedback!
Please offer this at HBCUs
@Pennies4school We have 7500+ educational institutes in our database. Can you give us the full name of your university + state so we can add it when it's not available ?
I posted a wrong comment here. Comment was for @acondurache
@Pennies4school @robertkeus looks like you've covered all the schools in my state. App looks great. Awesome work!