Grumpy Website

A growing list of tech faux pas

Grumpy Website is an entertaining list of tech faux pas.

This is the opposite of Little Big Details, a blog I really appreciate.
A long time ago I registered the website to do almost this exact same thing. Sadly, I never followed through after registering the domain. It makes me happy to see that someone else has taken the time to voice their complaints.
Scrolled through some of it, I think my favourite of all the posts I read was the incredibly short sighted statement that browser save dialogues are useless, and then in the next sentence the author also says files downloaded should open automatically; as though they’ve never heard of a virus before. Unrelated: my ProductHunt app closed the keyboard 5 times unexpectedly while I was writing this message.
@lwansbrough yes the product hunt app is pretty buggy when it comes to the keyboard. It also doesn’t let you log in via angel list. I stopped using the app a while and now just use the website.