First platform to earn & purchase directly from companies

Advertisers can now create campaigns that enable consumers to earn products and services in exchange for completing tasks.

Hey ProductHunters 👋 We built the GrowYourBase platform to enable what we are calling "The Earning Economy." Now anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, can EARN products and services (Online education, Tutorials, etc.) directly from companies in exchange for completing online tasks. What is GYB? 🤔 In a nutshell, GrowYourBase is a platform where advertisers launch campaigns promoting their products and services that people can earn by completing tasks. (entering an email, sharing on social, etc.) How is this possible? 🗯 Advertisers purchase AC3 Tokens ( which are distributed to earners as they complete tasks to redeem the products or services. What surprise do we have for ProductHunters? 😺 To celebrate the launch, we made a special Space Kitty campaign dedicated to @rrhoover and the PH team. For the next 24 hours, everyone from ProductHunt can earn $10 in AC3 tokens for completing the campaign 4 assignments (tasks): Would love to answer any questions 🙏
@rrhoover @stvmcg In this page, when I click on "Sign in with Twitter" a window is opened and closed immediately. So I cannot sign in with Twitter. What should I do?
@jack_steeve Thanks for letting us know! 👏 That window is the authentication from Twitter. You should be able to view all the available campaigns/products from the dashboard once logged in via Twitter here: If you can't see the campaigns after logging in with Twitter let me know and we'll look into it.👍
@stvmcg Thanks for your prompt reply. Actually I cannot sign in with "Sign in with Twitter" button. There is a pop-up window which is opened and closed instantly.
@rrhoover @stvmcg How I transfer these ac3 to my wallet
@stvmcg The problem has been solved! I don't know what was the matter. Thank you Steve!
I just checked it out.. Great work guys @stvmcg @jmslovatt
@jmslovatt @eben_gabriels Awesome! Thanks for checking it out.😺 We have a team of five and we're all really excited about moving the needle forward for the new Earning Economy. 👍
@jmslovatt @stvmcg Quite impressive... Well done
@eben_gabriels Appreciate the feedback!
The concept is going to be engaging and successful way to Network for all involved.
@amandajeanha Thanks for the feedback Amanda. We have a few exciting advertisers setup to release great services for earners in the coming weeks. The concept of starting "The Earning Economy" to reach the un-banked this year enabling people to EARN products like online educational materials is important to pursue. Happy to have you onboard!
Will this be in compliance with Amazon's policies on products for influencers/reviewing? My Profile permanently closed (many others too) that had been reviewing products for little to no cost.
@amandajeanha Great question. I am not 100% about their policies around reviews with 3rd party campaigns. We are however working with multiple gaming companies on earner reviews via the app store. For more info on our policies please check out
I'm getting this error message when trying to earn: "could not extract ResultSet; SQL [n/a]; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not extract ResultSet"
@mikaelpittam Thanks for pointing that out. That error was fixed 30 minutes ago. Should be good to go! Welcome aboard!