100+ curated growth hacks for makers + early stage startups

#3 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2017

GrowthHackList is a curated list of the best growth hacking methods for makers and small startups.

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Most of the items aren't available yet and far from being innovative, this is something anyone can easily find on the internet.

Just use this super fancy new website called Google and type "Growth Hacks" - Voila. Just saved you $29.




$29 for a word doc list which is available on every second "Growth" forum? No thank you.

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Feel sorry that you see it like that...let me know what you would improve and send me an email to so I can refund you. Can't see you in the list of paid customers.
@saher_shodhan the value of this product is not in the links themselves. This product will spare you the time, that you would otherwise spend on filtering and searching through Google results :)
Hey all ✌️, while working on I ran into the problem that I couldn't find a curated list of good growth hacking methods with the focus on makers and small startups. So I started to put together a list of the methods that fit into three categories: One person can do them, cost rank between 0$-100$ and can be done in an appropriate time. 🛠️ Tools I am using Again everything is made without code. I used Carrd, Airtable, Stripe and Zapier. Some of the Sources I used: Articles: etc. Growth Hacking FB Groups: SaaS Growth Hacks Ebooks: And_Co HackingIndependence Hope the list is useful for other people like me and let me know what you think! Cheers, Tobi
@toomaime Have you made many sales? Seems like an odd thing to be sitting in the #3 spot on ProductHunt right now, so curious what your conversion rate is like. The appetite for growth hacks is strong :)
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross...will write about the launch soon! It was a ride :-)

This is ridiculous.




You're charging $29 for a word doc?

Thanks for your feedback! Actually it is not a word doc. I use airtable. Not sure how you come up with word doc. What I am doing is offering a list of growth hack methods with a description, sources, if they are working for me, how much they cost, level of difficulty and how much time I need. I needed something like that, so I built it. I tested some of them, and I constantly adding new information to it. You pay 29$ for a one year access. So I think it's fair...but that is my opinion.

A few carefully selected newsletters solve 80% of the problem that is solved by this PAID list. It is not about the price, it is about whether I really need to pay to find these resources? No. I will not pay. Sorry!!


Single reference to some really good references


Tonnes of such information is available free, I am surprised to see the pricing.

Thanks Vinish for your feedback. You don't need to pay for these resources. You can do it by your own if you have time. With Growthhacklist I try to save you time, test the methods if they work for a single maker like me, categorize them and update the table contantly....for that I ask 29$/one year access. If you have good newsletters doing that, let me know would love to subscribe
Looks like a great service, might buy it to grow I can't disagree more with all those reviews about pricing, from the website I see: "I also rank them based on what worked for me, level of difficulty to implement and the costs." this means I will gain from @toomaime experience ad thus save time and see what works instead of spending weeks trying something that might not work, sounds like a steal for $29
@surfcoderepeat Thanks Adam!