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GrowthHackingIdea.com is an invite-only community of ‪‎growth hackers‬. One short, curated ‪‎growth hacking‬ idea a day to your email. The invitation for members of "Product Hunt" is attached to the link above. Will be happy to listen to your feedback and answer any questions!
TOP 5 growth hacks of July 2015 on GrowthHackingIdea.com Growth Hack #5 5 SEO hacks for the 2nd largest search engine Youtube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. 1. The longer your video is, and the longer a viewer spends watching the video, the higher your ranking. 2. Name the actual file with your keyword before uploading the video. 3. Add closed captioning. 4. Be the first to comment. 5. Automate backlinks with ifttt.com Source: http://www.searchenginejournal.c... Growth Hack #4 How to drive more value for your SaaS? Let manual job happen. Then offer automation for payment. Once the user has unfollowed 25 people by hand, for example, remind them that they can easily and quickly unfollow everyone that doesn’t follow them back with just ONE click for only $9.99! Source: http://www.slideshare.net/lincol... Growth Hack #3 Hack Facebook ads First gain “Social proof” (~1000 likes) from Low demand countries (India, Philippines) for $0.005 per post engagement. Then switch target to the high demand, high competition countries. Get 64% less cost per engagement, 920% increase click-through rate. Source: http://www.upwordsem.com/how-to-... Growth Hack #2 Hack to define your key activation event Activation is the first point where you deliver the value that you promised. Dropbox: Your first file is backed up from your computer into the cloud Facebook: You connect with 7 friends within your first 10 days Instagram: Someone likes one of your photos Twitter: You followed more than 30 people Activated users have the highest retention rates. Source: http://product.hubspot.com/blog/... Growth Hack #1 Replace one word to get 90% more clicks A 90 percent increase in clicks on buttons that are written in the first person. Just use the word “my” instead of “your”. “Start my free 30 days trial” instead of “Start your free 30 days trial”. Source: http://unbounce.com/a-b-testing/...
Nice project! Curious about the way you are going to develop it into something bigger and even more useful in future.
@marchenkomark Thank you. What do you mean by more useful? Will be happy to listen to your ideas.
@marchenkomark BTW, I was thinking about adding some tools for growth hackers. For example Growth Hacking project management tool with embedded ideas generator. Also I was thinking about creating closed VIP club for growth hackers to network. Or just leave it as it is :).
I offer an extra PH only deal! Answer the question: "What is your most favorite growth hack?". A person, who collects the biggest amount of upvotes will get an access to the VIP secret zone on GrowthHackingIdea.com for free! You can offer any amount of growth hacks, you wish!
@happyaladdin My entry: I guess my fav hack was to scrape existing networks for my app's early users
@arturkiulian @happyaladdin Artur, what do you mean by "scrape existing networks"?
@happyaladdin checking out our app's competitors and collecting their twitter handles, then connecting with those users and finding their email addresses
@arturkiulian @happyaladdin Smart move :). What else helped you to boost your traction?