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#3 Product of the WeekSeptember 09, 2016

The fastest growing companies focus on expanding the value their customers receive through testing across the full customer journey, which generally traverse multiple teams.

Coordinating these efforts requires a dedicated system for rapid testing and learning. That’s where GrowthHackers Projects can help.

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Best demo video ever.
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@travisleestreet Thanks! The video was kind of a scary investment, but 250K views in the first week makes me feel a lot better about it.
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@travisleestreet Thanks Travis! We had a blast creating it! We were laughing the entire time.
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@brandwinnie @travisleestreet Yea, I second that, great video :-)
@brandwinnie Awesome job making it happen Brand! was a great find.
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How the hell did the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, etc... grow so fast? They experimented - a lot - and continue to do so. Constant testing and doing it at a high tempo (>=3 tests/week) is as close to a silver bullet as it gets for growing a product. But even if you’re the Facebook growth team, you need an efficient way to manage collaboration and experimentation around your growth objectives. Thankfully my buddy Sean Ellis (the original Growth Hacker!) has been working on solving this problem. GrowthHackers Projects is built to manage your growth. The thing’s a friggin’ lab book for growth experiments! And bonus points to the them for making the workflow smooth. Also noteworthy is that Sean and his team are behind the community. You can read up on the freshest ideas in the community and save them to test directly into your own Project. It's now the easiest way to manage the hard work that goes into growth!
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Thanks Hiten! We’re very excited to finally feel like GrowthHackers Projects is worthy of Product Hunt. For those of you who may be curious, the origins of GrowthHackers Projects date back to something I first envisioned when leading growth efforts at Dropbox and Eventbrite. Like other top growth teams we were constantly experimenting and learning new ways to accelerate growth using all of the levers in the AARRR framework. GrowthHackers Projects is the solution I wished existed - and now it does. It allows teams to work together like a well-oiled machine to achieve their growth objectives. Check out the video above and let us know your questions and feedback. As a special offer to Product Hunters, we’re offering a 45 day free trial vs the normal 14 days. Just email with subject line "PH 45 Day Trial" to claim this offer. This offer will remain valid until 5pm Pacific September 21st (claim it anytime before that).
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45 day free trial AND no credit card needed - there's simply no need to be on the fence about giving it a shot!
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@anujadhiya too easy. Great stuff.
@seanellis Test pushed to active btw :)
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@anujadhiya Took a loooonnnng time before it was worthy for Product Hunt! Thanks for your persistence to make it happen.
Congrats guys -- we use the product everyday and it's instrumental to our success. Excited to see it come out of beta and help more high performance growth, marketing and product teams!
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@morganb Thanks, we really appreciate your team's feedback during the beta. Incredibly important for driving the product evolution!
@morganb 🙌 🙏
@morganb Thanks for your support Morgan!
GrowthHackers! Pivot and go into video production, compete with HBO Silicon Valley! That was epic!!!
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@james_osullivan Going to frame this comment! 🙌 cc @brandwinnie
@james_osullivan this is the best comment ever! THANK YOU!!!
@brandwinnie Welcome! And thank you !