GrowthBoard for Trello

Attach Google Analytics data to Trello cards like a file 🦄

GrowthBoard Power-Up helps you build a data-driven workflow through the ability to attach web analytics data from Google Analytics to Trello cards in a single click. Manage both your tasks and their results in beloved Trello and grow much faster!

  • Pros: 

    best for insights


    improve onboarding

    check it out and use on real projects – that tool works like a charm (if you know how :)

    Igor Lopatin has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great tool


    There's a learning curve

    worth checking out

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Yuri Drogan
Yuri DroganMaker@yuri_drogan · CEO
Hey PH! I’m Yuri, Co-Founder of, along with @arsstef. GrowthBoard Power-Up for Trello helps startups and marketing teams instill a data-driven culture to accelerate your team performance. Now every time you create a task, you can attach a metric and KPI from Google Analytics right away. No need to switch from Trello to your web analytics tool, just type keywords of a metric you need and GrowthBoard will suggest you the most relevant one. You don’t have to collect data on tasks anymore - after you implement one, all required data will be up-to-date and stored in your Trello card already. - Accelerate your growth - you can really speed up if every task is SMART and contains KPI tied to your web analytics tool. - Don't waste time on routine - you don't have to spend hours on picking analytics systems to collect each task's result, better connect data to the task in 10 seconds and track its success right in Trello card. - Focus collaboration on growth - if tasks and analytical data are both in the same place, then you can quickly set task's KPI and check its success during the brainstorming meetings. - Growth Hacks are waiting for you - you'll make more right decisions for rapid growth if you know for sure what worked and what didn't work in the past. Of course, we’re working on new integrations (such as Amplitude, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, SalesForce, Facebook Ads, etc.), so feel free to become our beta-tester: And if you’re interested in using our Jira integration, please fill out this form: We’d love to hear your feedback, feature requests, and answer any questions you have! Thanks for checking us out. 🦄 P.S. Btw, visit the ‘About Us’ page to learn more about our story:
Florian Mas
Florian Mas@florijhehdb
@arsstef @yuri_drogan Hi, can we automaticaly attach an insight. For exemples, I used card for blog articles, can I automaticly attach analytics of the articles URL ? :)
Arseny Stefanov
Arseny StefanovMaker@ars_stef · CMO & Co-Founder @
Hey @florijhehdb, thanks for your comment. Our tool can't view the card name and predict what metric you'd want to attach yet, but you can manually do this in under 10 seconds. For example, to attach the number of article's views you only need to enter 2 parameters, which is done like that: 1. 2. For more details, you can view our documentation: