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Kaspars Sprogisย โ€” Developer & Tech entrepreneur
Ever lost track of your projects? Hey, I'm Kaspars Sprogis and I made Growth Race so it never happens again!

If you're a maker like me, you might have a few projects under your belt already. Or maybe you have one, but you're struggling to keep up. And even though it feels great to be at the edge of innovation, it's hell to monitor all of it! At some point, Google Analytics just doesn't cut it. Not to mention that as soon as you start something new, the old projects begin to lag behind.

Instead of going with what was out there already - I decided to make something that will help ME, and hopefully help YOU keep track of all of our projects and save our precious time. And so the Growth Race idea was born - a dashboard where you can monitor all of your projects' metrics in a single view (Google Analytics, Twitter followers, etc.) and receive notifications about important events, such as alarming you that something went terribly wrong!

I believe we are all busy enough without doing things a simple tool can do for us.
Hope you find it useful!
Fred Rivettย โ€” One half of @wecontrast
Thought about doing something similar, but was put off as I realised I was building pretty much a vanity metrics tracker. Intrigued to hear your thoughts on that front ๐Ÿ‘
Kaspars Sprogisย โ€” Developer & Tech entrepreneur
@fredrivett My thoughts... Yes it might happen as you said if social comparisons were public. Projects shouldn't race so much for numbers, more for a quality of product. However it is good to get overview of what happens all at once "privately", which is why i decided to make Growth Race the way it is.
Fred Rivettย โ€” One half of @wecontrast
@kasparssprogis Fair play, thanks Kaspars :)
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