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200+ best marketing tools, case studies & templates

Growth Library is a curated list of 200+ marketing resources to help you build & grow your startup. Everything from marketing tools, best practices, case studies, templates, agencies and educators. We handpicked the best & are advancing the list as we speak.
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Hi Product Hunt community! We created Growth Library to help startups &SMBs choose the best marketing resources for their business. Here are some of the common challenges we see many startups are facing: 🔥”Too many resources out there, not clear which ones I should be using” 🔥 ”I’m in B2B space, so am looking for tools with my industry focus?” 🔥”My goal is user retention, so what is most relevant for me?” Growth Library is a curated collection of marketing resources, handpicked by our marketing team and mapped along the customer decision journey, KPIs, geographical focus, industry, business type and other variables to make sure each user is recommended the most relevant marketing resources for their business. Here’s what’s included: 💫 Marketing & sales tools 💫 Best practices & benchmarks 💫 Case studies from top brands and fast growing startups 💫 Customisable templates 💫 Agencies & educators The goal is to help you identify the most relevant marketing resources as you plan your next campaign. Growth Library is a part of Growth Channel which helps businesses automate their marketing planning. These marketing resources will also be recommended for users based on their personalised marketing plan generated by Growth Channel solution. We are still in prototype now, and your feedback is very much appreciated, so we can take this directory to the next level! Will be glad to hear feedback from the community! Best, The Growth Channel Team
Keep up the great work!
Great idea Maryna. Lot of yummy stuff. Also, personally, as a technical founder actively trying to grow my startu, I'd love to see podcasts, online course & books about growth hacking and marketing there as well.
@maxim_zavadskiy1 Great suggestion! Will work on those for 2.0! :)
This is an awesome idea. Great job
Which industries do you cover?