Growth Lessons is a twice-weekly bite-sized email containing carefully curated lessons on how to grow businesses from founders who've done it.
Each edition contains:
- a brief introduction to the founder
- 5 growth lessons drawn from their experiences
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🎉 Hi everyone, this is my first PH launch, excited to give it a shot. Thanks @5harath for hunting this. I’m Kieran, a founder by day and an enthusiastic no-code maker by night. I co-founded my first startup five years ago and have always been fascinated with the few small changes or improvements we made that completely changed the trajectory of our company’s growth. I constantly look back and try to work out the things we did right or wrong that led us to where we are today. Now I’m launching small products with no-code and seeing others in the community launching, I’ve been on the lookout for more of these growth ‘hacks’. I’ve realised that many of them aren’t actually hacks, they’re just good business practices like finding product-market fit or providing great customer service. I’ve started compiling these mini case studies into 5 lessons from each founder I speak to, and it’s proving to be a brilliant way to discover new products and learn about growing businesses. I hope you find them as interesting as I do.
I know Kieran from nocodelife when he interviewed me for his newsletter. He is an enthusiastic no-code maker and a bubble expert. I had few opportunities to talk to him personally about the projects he is working on. Growth Lessons is one of them and I really like the simple idea behind it. It is a weekly bite-sized newsletter filled with growth hacks from real founder stories. I'm excited to learn from the newsletter and pumped for him as this is his first @producthunt launch 🚀
This is great. It can be very insightful and motivating for young entrepreneurs.
@dhruvinpipalia Thanks Dhruvin, that's what I'm hoping! And actually next newsletter will be motivating for much older entrepreneurs too :)
Congrats Kieran.
@edmundamoye Thanks so much!
Nice! I really like the short, insightful lessons from each email
@noahmakes Thanks Noah, that's what I was hoping for.