Growth Jobs List is a simple place to find great jobs in Growth and Marketing at different startups around the world. These could be early-stage startups, or larger companies, like Lyft.

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Happy Friday, all! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I began building Growth Jobs List last Saturday, and even though it took me longer than expected to launch, I'm excited to share it here on PH today! Before you say anything, there are two main reasons why I decided to build "another job-board": 1. As a growth marketer myself, I've struggled to find decent curated lists of growth and marketing related jobs in the tech industry. This job board is exactly for that. You won't see any finance or operations role here unless it's explicitly helping with growth and/or marketing. 2. The second reason I built it (the way I built it) was to get dirty and learn some new technology. As a non-developer, these things are not as simple. Here are some of the tools I used to build it: I recently found TS on Designer News and decided to give it a try. I'm using them for the integrated CMS and GraphQL, which allows me to easily manage my content. I did have to dig deeper into the front-end code, but that's one of the most interesting parts of this project! In short, TS is a great product for building quick sites that need a CMS. Shoutout to Mark one of the founders for all the help in the past few days. -Netlify: I've heard of Netlify so many times that I knew I had to find out how to use it at some point. I decided to deploy my site through them. I can now literally deploy my site in seconds from the terminal. -GraphQL: I used this through TakeShape as well. It makes building the CMS relationships quite simple. a very simple way to collect payments using Stripe. Think of it as Stripe without the back-end implementation (but using Stripe in the back-end). Thanks to Sander for building it! -Airtable: So I used Airtable but only to speed up the process of collecting job postings' information from companies. It's simple enough and better looking than forms. Finally, I also want to give a shoutout to the WIP community for all their help and motivation - but specifically to @pugson, Maksim (sorry, not sure if your profile is public), and @tuacker for taking some time of their day to help with some git workflow issues, among others. 🙏 Growth Jobs List is still a work-in-progress. I'm planning on adding new features in the comin days. Any other recommendations? Would love to hear them! You can contact me here: @ramoncacho, or follow GJL @growthjobslist. Thanks! 😎 ps: If you're a founder or someone at a company who's hiring for a role in Growth or Marketing - I'm running a discount on job postings for the next 24 hours! You'll save $30 on the Featured Listing and $40 on the Basic Listing. Just go to
Congrats on the launch Ramón! Site is looking great. Glad I could help 👍
🚀2 job list on Product Hunt from WIP today:D Good luck with launch 🎉
@alexwawl Thanks for your support Alex! 🤩
@ramoncacho WIPers should take first places ;) I'll try to catch up you with Worfor :D
@alexwawl please do haha, the more the merrier!
@ramoncacho give me some time:D I'm trying to find this magic button ^_^
This is impressive for a week's work (I can appreciate this as a non-dev too)! Can you elaborate more on the features you're planning on adding? How are you planning on keeping this list curated?/What is the process you're using for finding them (i.e crawling, business development etc)
Thanks, @tabish_gilani! Yeah, it was a nice challenge. 😅 I have a list of low-hanging-fruit things I can quickly implement, such as being able to browse by category, companies, and type of jobs. Other areas of focus will be mostly related to shareability and exposure. The curation at the moment happens manually, it's tedious but I'm not totally sold on crawling sites yet. I'd like to keep this as authentic as possible and truly spend some time finding companies that are serious about hiring people in growth, etc. Until it becomes unscalable, of course.
Simple and effective - well done!! 🔥🚀
Looks good, Ramon. It's simple. How are you adding the jobs? Are you doing it manually or using APIs to track and add jobs to your job board?