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Couple of months ago Roy Povarchik created an amazing google doc where growth hackers could list their favorite tools (Here's a reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsh...) but it was lacking in functionality. So I decided to create an app out of it where people could also recommend, sort by popularity etc. I've also sorted through the data and cleaned it up (moved into the the right categories and enriched it). I'll be adding these improvement shortly: - Tool images/logos (UI/UX) - Improved tool categories (PR etc. Suggestions are welcome) - Stage filtering / Stage categories (Pirate metrics AARRR) I would love feedback on what would make the app better?
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@henrikharju To start with, thanks! Bring these tools together this way is always helpful. We're actually planning of aligning something similar on our platform so it becomes convenient for startups to pick up effective resources. We should talk!
@bevy_me missed this, whats the status on Bevy?
Like how the price on the various products are listed for reference. Definitely saves me time when looking through them.
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@spenceryang Thanks! I'd love your feedback on what would make the app better :)
@henrikharjU I agree with Spencer. Excellent attention to detail.
@spenceryang definitely agree. Very clever!
Love what you did with the spreadsheet! This is really great!
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@roypovar Thanks Roy!
Nice tool for comparing. Do you plan to send alerts when a new solution has been added in one field ? May be only the ones that reach a popularity threshold ?
@mathildedavid5 That's a great idea! Thanks :)
This is great! Awesome job, can't wait to see it grow and expand. :)
@torbahax Thanks Andrew! PS. Will be checking out AutomateAds.com, it looks amazing!