Growth Hacking'e Başlangıç

Turkish Free Introduction to Growth Hacking Book

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@mtufekyapan - can you tell us a bit about this book please :)
@bentossell ; of course Ben. "Growth Hacking" is a buzz word and this situation creates information pollution. In this book, my aim is clearly define essentials of growth hacking and present applicable structure and strategy​ to startupers. Book has four main chapters. Chapter one is about "What is really Growth Hacking?". Based on Paul Graham's Startup=Growth article, I first share startup with an example. Then I define Growth Hacking as "process of solving startups growth problem". The general acceptance about growth hacking was "some web tactics (most of them spam) which generate traffic". I think this is harmful approach for people. This causes to focus on wrong metrics and eventually people spend all their resources and energy on fake problems. Chapter two is about the general growth process of startups. Sean Ellis's startup pyramid underlie this chapter. Most of startups want to reach immediately to users even they does not have product/market fit. I mainly focus on product/market fit in details with examples. Then explain Eric Ries growth engines and share definitions of CAC & LTV. Chapter three is about creating and applying growth strategy based on Dave McClure's AARRR. Each stages of AARRR contains theoretical definitions, both local and global best practices and suggestions about "how-to"s. This chapter is the biggest chapter of book. Chapter four is about misunderstanding about growth hacking. "Growth Hacking=SEO", "Growth Hacking = Generating Traffic from Social Media", "Rapid Growth Overnight (silver bullets)" and "Growth Hacking = Zero Budget Marketing" is main subjects of this chapter. I try to explain growth hacking is not just a toolset for traffic generation. It is a process which covers everything related to whole growth process. In every chapter, I suggest further readings and quotes from real startup & growth stars like Marc Andressen, Aaron Ginn, Dan Martell, Ben McRedmond, Paul Graham... If you have any further any questions, I'll be happy to answer.