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#4 Product of the DayMay 07, 2015
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Awesome - GHK has golden nuggets of actionable info for Growth Hackers from a bunch of experts across a range of skillsets.
@paulmboyce Is GHK open to other contributors? We'd love to add about the role of personalization.
I was honoured to be invited to contribute 3 lessons to the kit and am looking forward to reading the courses from the other contributors...this is a great resource!
"How to Measure Conversation Rates Per Acquisition Channel" Gotta love the conversation rates!
@ricardofayet lol - oops!
@ricardofayet ooops - my bad! :/
So who is the overall owner of this site? Is it a collab between a few?
@cheapstartup it's a few companies that got together to share their best techniques for growth. others are welcome ;)
Ok so for what I understood, this course will be given by the folks behind each of the companies referred on the website. Does this mean that each participant will have a perk/promotion to use any of those services?
@johntheoak most of the providers did provide a perk, but not all. for some it didn't fit - like the demand gen marketing agencies, etc.
@johntheoak hey João - for, we're including a 50% OFF for 3 MONTHS promo