Growth Everywhere – Lloyed Lobo, Speakeasy

How Speakeasy got and kept 10,000 users in their pre-launch

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Hi PHers, Today we have Lloyed Lobo ( @lloyedlobo), head of growth at Speakeasy, a tool that provides superior conference calling, screen sharing, and collaboration to close more business, faster, as well as the co-founder of Traction Conference. In today’s interview we’ll be talking about how Lloyed Lobo got—and kept—10,000 users in Speakeasy’s beta launch, why the conference calling business is inherently viral, and how startups in particular need to focus on one channel first rather than going after 6 or 7 at once. Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment–we'll be around to chat with you. Enjoy!
@ericosiu Thanks for sharing Eric. Happy to answer any questions. Try out Speakeasy at & check out Traction at Cheers!
Lloyed is a force!!!!
My key takeaway - Set a target and focus on that target so you stay on the course.
@lloyedlobo is to growth hacking what jam is to peanut butter! I am a proud fan of his cult following and thank you for mentioning AdLinks link retargeting ; - )