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Eric Siu
Eric SiuMaker@ericosiu · CEO, Single Grain
Hey PHers In this podcast we have @raj_bhaskar, co-founder and CEO of @Hudlr, a mobile finance app for freelancers and entrepreneurs to manage their business finances. This is his second software venture; his first was real estate management software for affordable public housing called VisualHOMES that was acquired by Yardi Systems in 2010. We talk about how Hurdlr helps Uber drivers save 20-30% annually, the strategy that got them over 20,000 users in the first 6 months, and the one unique thing that Hudlr is doing to acquire more customers. Enjoy!
Raj Bhaskar
Raj Bhaskar@raj_bhaskar · Co-founder & CEO @ Hurdlr
@ericosiu @hurdlr Thanks for having me on Eric, I had a great time! Happy to go deeper into some of our strategies.
Eric Siu
Eric SiuMaker@ericosiu · CEO, Single Grain
@raj_bhaskar @hurdlr it was great having you Raj!
Sajad Ghanizada
Sajad Ghanizada@therealsajad · Growth, Hurdlr
Solid podcast @ericosiu. We're excited about everything happening at @hurdlr and what's to come next.
Stephan Graf
Stephan Graf@ilvisconte · Marketing Manager
twitter account blocked... what can you tell us about this?