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Cam Sinclair
Cam Sinclair@cam_sinclair · Marketeer, Ammo Marketing
This project is clearly a labour of love from a guy who lives, eats, breaths and sleeps growth. The fact that Miles is writing a growth blog about his growth email says it all. Growth.Email is top quality content curated by one of the world's top growth experts (honestly).
Miles Burke
Miles BurkeMaker@milesb · Founder, 6Q
Thank you so much for hunting my side project, Chris. Glad to have on PH and I welcome any questions or feedback anyone has. Cheers!
Miles Burke
Miles BurkeMaker@milesb · Founder, 6Q
If anyone has a favorite growth or startup marketing blog or resource, let me know - I'm following over 100 already, to get the best content for this weekly email. Any suggestions warmly received!
Cory Treffiletti
Cory TreffilettiPro@cory_treffiletti · CMO, Voicea (formerly Voicera)
I like any tool that allows me to learn quickly - thanks for pulling this together! I just registered for it.