#5 Product of the MonthNovember 2019
A growing list of interactive product case studies, breaking down how the best companies design and grow products users love. Learn the psychology behind your favorite apps including Airbnb, Hopper, Trello & more.
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I found Growth.Design a little while ago and this has got to be the most entertaining way to breakdown a product's experience. The user experience teardowns are full of insights that'll inspire any product person to improve their products. One of my favorites is this case study of how Zapier gets upgrades: https://growth.design/case-studi...
@hnshah Thanks for the kind words Hiten! A few words on why we created those case studies… ☔️The Problem It always felt weird that we had to read long and boring Medium articles to keep up with the latest best product & design practices. Isn’t it ironic that we teach design and experiences with words? 🤷‍♂️ Also, we used to waste a LOT of time trying to find relevant inspiration for our own product/design challenges. You know... When you start downloading 15 new apps just to find that one good UX example… 😅 ⚡️Case Studies That’s why we created this new entertaining way to learn from the best companies on how to design and grow products users love. We do a ton of research for each case study to highlight the behavioral science, UX principles and behind-the-scenes data insights so that you can apply this in your work as soon as possible. Most importantly, we tell a story through the eyes of a user. It's the most natural way of conveying emotions. And, why is this important? Because a deep-dive into your user’s mind is key for your product team to craft meaningful experiences. I’d love to hear what you think of the case studies. Q1) What do you like the most? Q2) Which company should we cover next? 👀
@hnshah @louisxavierl This is exactly what i needed. Too tired of those medium articles and searching the net for growth hacks, tactics and strategy. Please cover UBER.
@petros_avgousti Right! Thanks Petros, and we'll definitely have a go at Uber at some point in the near future. Stay tuned.
Cool and useful service!
@shautcou Thanks Vitali, really appreciated! Can I ask what you liked the most about the case studies?
@louisxavierl I liked 5 deadly onboarding mistakes, and other cases are very useful, thank you!
@shautcou Awesome! Cheers!
Best piece of content that gets into my mailbox nowadays! 🙌
@marcbc 💯Thanks Marc! Quick question, if we ever started to increase the frequency of those product tips in your inbox, would that be something you'd be interested in? Cheers!
@louisxavierl given the current cadence, I'm positive I can read every case study you release. I would be happy to get them more often, but of course there would be some point when I would start missing out and queueing them in my "to be read" list.
@marcbc Great insight, thanks for sharing Marc. Stay tuned for 2020, because we're working on new formats!
Really an interactive way to learn about case studies in a enjoyable way.
@shanmuga_vel 🙌 Thanks Shanmuga! Any preferences for upcoming case studies?
You have a big YES from me, @hnshah! I spent the last 15 minutes with Duolingo's user retention lesson and to be honest it is more insightful than any article I have read about how this amazing company leverages elements inside the app to retain users. I just LOVE how you put your lessons in pink square after pointing out why a feature works/doesn't work. The character at the left corner is helpful in providing me the context and instructions. Can't learn without him! And guess what, there's a summary at the end! That's a game changer! Definitely gonna be a long-time visitor! And I don't even need to sign up to view all the great work of yours. Signed up any way!!
@hnshah @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Wow. Thanks Alan. That really means a lot. Duolingo was a fun case study to make, especially with the redesigns etc. Yes—we use those "insights callouts" to be able to teach through the story while still allowing us to keep our role of "customer" in the experience. It's the best way we've found to achieve that from a UX perspective. Haha, glad that was enough to make you subscribe. Stay tuned for more goodies soon! 🙂 Cheers!
@hnshah @danbenoni Cheers Dan! Thanks a lot for the insight. never thought learning UX could be that fun. Did you have any consultancy from educational specialists?
@hnshah @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Hey again Alan! To be 100% honest, we decline most consulting requests. Our opportunity cost is high so we need to be fairly selective… With that said, send us an email (team[at]…) and we'll follow-up as soon as possible. (PS: I've used Habitify in the past 😉 )
@hnshah @danbenoni Oh thank you, I was just asking if you have received any consultancy because the lessons are so logical and well-organized. Why did you stop using Habitify :(