Growth Channel

AI- Powered Digital Ads for Fintech Startups

Simple way to manage your omni-channel ad campaigns.
Too many channels, no big picture overview, poor agency performance? That's why we created Growth Channel Digital Ads solution.
11 years industry experience. AI & Machine Learning Technology
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Hey Product Hunt community! We created Growth Channel Digital Ads solution to address the following challenges many Fintech startups are facing: 🔥Not seeing the big picture of their omni-channel ad campaigns' performance 🔥Spending too much $$$$ on agency commission, retainers and PPC Managers 🔥Lacking experience and data to fully optimise ad campaigns for conversion Growth Channel allows Fintech companies easily launch, optimise and scale their digital ad campaigns with simple monthly rates and unlimited ad creation. With Growth Channel we focus on the following elements: 💫 Niche audience & keywords targeting 💫 Optimised ad copy for conversion rate 💫 Optimised AdScore for lower CPL 💫 Multi-channel campaigns across 12 ad platforms The goal is to help as many startups scale through paid advertising while allowing them to stay profitable with their efforts. The beauty is the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe as you please, which is where most companies hesitate to work with an agency (because of long contracts and steep fees). You could choose to work with a freelancer or hire a PPC Manager, but chances are that the experience is not there, so with Growth Channel you get the best of both worlds. Will be glad to hear feedback from the community! Best, Maryna
@marynasife What's specific about fintech companies in your solution?
@samabrika1 Great question! Got that also off Product Hunt :) The answer is very simple: our Digital team has major experience with Fintech companies, and thus - initial platform launch is limited to Fintech only. Growth Channel is using AI & Machine Learning technology which requires lots of data. We've got all those data blocks covered for Fintech, but do plan to expand to other industries as we grow. This is happening via our Partner network, but will take time to teach the AI and apply all the best practices per each of the new industries. I hope this answers your question, and do let me know if you'd like to learn more ;)