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Thanks Nick for introducing us to Product Hunt! Growmodo simplifies getting the digital marketing jobs your business needs done down to the click of a few buttons. We make it crystal clear what will be delivered and by when, all by exploring our products online. It's best to check out our website and see for yourself what Growmodo will simplify for you - however, whether you need to improve your social media following, search engine rankings, or you need content delivered for your landing page, Growmodo will show you the product cost, time of delivery and the standard of work we'll deliver before you even click 'Buy'. We only work with freelancers or agencies that have a proven track record and are willing to give a satisfaction guarantee. They need to be in the market for some time, too. If you have more questions, I'm more than happy to jump on a call and discuss your specific needs.
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Hey Paul, Fair play on the marketplace, it's been something I've been thinking about getting involved in as I have a massive interest in growth hacking and built up a decent design network online (Over a million). One thing I might advise you on is if your offering a growth hack service then you should look at growing your own brand's online presence. At the moment you have 40 followers on Instagram, 265 followers and 98 likes on facebook. Your going to get customers asking why haven't you grown your own network. You wouldn't hire a web designer if his portfolio was a shit show and full of bugs. Just my 2 cents, best of luck with the new venture :)
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@delahuntagram Hi David, you are right. The truth is that we were so busy creating the platform, building relationships with suppliers and serving customers we got through business networking that we haven't had the time to promote our own channels. We started the Instagram channel a week ago, for example. But with the listing on PH we basically kicked off our marketing...Thank you very much for your feedback!
Hi @PaulPreisler, Do you have some kind of portfolio or examples of content produced somewhere?
@ndeverge Yes, just drop me an email and I send you some content examples (
@paulpreisler @ndeverge @growmodo Wouldn't it make more sense to have that on the site?
@thejournalizer @paulpreisler @ndeverge @growmodo I think a portfolio would make sense if they did web design so Elliot i don't think its necessary. I think this concept is focused on Metrics, SEO, Ads, content growth strategies. Am I right? If not, from a lay person it seems that specializing in just that would niche you into this on-demand movement. While I like the packages broken down like you did, there is still a sense of unknown. Maybe explain to the public, what is marketing in 2016 and how is it changing any type of business for the better. I like it and excited to see it evolve.
@tayler2412 @paulpreisler @ndeverge @growmodo but they do - The WordPress site option for starters.
Hi @PaulPreisler can you share a little bit about your story and why you created Growmodo?
And perhaps a bit about how you select the marketers offered on the site?
The site looks fine, but how do you plan on differentiating this to already existing marketplaces like Upwork with a larger pool of resources? I also don't see much as far as examples of creatives beyond the website template wordpress pages. Honestly this just feels like over simplifying something that most of us have to vet out quite a few folks for before bringing them on for projects.
@thejournalizer Hi Elliot, thanks for the feedback. On marketplaces like Upwork you need to select the freelancers by yourself. Many business owners don't know how to select the right expert and find the process to complicated. We want to offer a simpler solution by pre-selecting the marketers. It's not for everyone, but it's a different concept than a free marketplace where pretty much everybody can offer their services. We want to give our users more the feeling of shopping the services as in every other online store. I hope that clarifies.
@paulpreisler Got it, that makes sense. My only concern there would be how would you build enough trust with clients like myself that we can trust your judgement on selecting the best resource for the job? Right now the flow doesn't really give me any of that trust/confidence.
@thejournalizer I guess it's the challenge every startup is facing ;) We are willing to earn the trust over time. But we also give a satisfaction guarantee.
@paulpreisler I get that, but if you are going to use a cart system and expect people to utilize it, you need trust from the buyer first. That's what I'm saying when I feel like it's a bit over simplified.
Good job @paulpreisler! I stumbled upon GrowModo the other day, and was thinking this model could and should work, as it's really hard to find the right freelancers on other platforms