Free exportable list & api of the fastest growing companies

We believe the fastest growing companies under 1000 employees need to be recognized. Through a unique algorithm of growth indicators (hiring trends, financial data, brand and growth momentum etc), we created the Growjo Awards.
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Hi Hunters, Thanks for hunting us @nikkielizdemere. I’ve been tracking high growth companies for over 15 years and am consistently interested in who the fastest companies are at any given time. Recently I thought… “Why isn’t there a free comprehensive dataset that shows the fastest growing companies in the past year?” You may think of the Inc 5000, Mattermark, and a handful of other fast company lists, but the Inc 5000 is limited to only those that apply and Mattermark is a paid service. I wanted something free that I could check on a regular basis. We plan to update this at least once every 2 months so you can consistently get free updates. As we started to compile this data I realized, I wanted to know more than just who grew the fastest in the past year, I wanted to predict who is most likely to grow next year. So we took all these different datasets and mashed them together to come up with an algorithm that we believe will predict hypergrowth. Most of the data is coming from Lead411 which tracks news events and sales triggers. We would love any feedback and your suggestions on how we can more accurately predict. In the meantime enjoy some free data! ✓ Export the full list of 10,000 companies if you join. ✓ Browse data like estimated revenue, accelerator, investors, # of job openings, etc. ✓ Our API is free for now. We will probably monetize this in some way later, but for now it is free. ✓ Check to see if your startup is listed. If not, add yourself so we track you. Product Roadmap? -Better filtering and segmentation, deeper reports, more data in general, etc. The goal is to provide a lot of free insights and later offer some premium data. And, most importantly, Congrats to the Winners! All of the companies listed are true rocket ships! @toby_sun @brian_armstrong @dcancel @eyallifs @chrisrbritt @addisonstweets @tewy @bprafulkumar
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@tomblue & Team .. fantastic product 🙏🙏
Unicorns get all of the attention in the startup world, but it's those who find themselves on page 3, 4, 5, etc on this list who deserve the recognition. Really excited to get my hands on the data.
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@sln1ro Thanks Samantha so many great companies on the list!
I’m excited to explore the data! In 2 weeks I start teaching Macroeconomics - any issue if I look at ways to incorporate your data into a classroom project?
@christopher_l_armijo Absolutely you can use the data as long as you attribute that you got it from Growjo. Let me know if you have any questions about the API or exporting the full list.