An online growth marketing course taught by experts.

Growclass is an intensive online marketing course to help level up in an inclusive learning environment. You’ll learn key skills to grow your business: customer psychology, funnels, SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads & email marketing
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Hey Hunters! I’m Sarah Stockdale, Founder and CEO of Growclass. I founded Growclass after realizing that there was a lack of good growth marketing education that wasn’t full of acronyms or fluff. We ran three in-person cohorts, and the feedback was incredible— so we buckled down to build something online. I’m jazzed to share that Growclass is now available everywhere— a six-week online growth marketing course beginning May 17th. We have 5 instructors, and incredible mentors who are experts in their channel— and generally wonderful people. It’s important to build your skillsets in house, especially at a time when it’s costly to bring on agencies or contractors. You can learn in your soft pants with a good coffee. If you join us, you’ll get short, impactful lessons led by engaging instructors to learn key concepts and channels while not lulling you into a deep slumber. Growclass is a video-based training program so you can go at your own pace. You’ll take away templates, checklists, and toolkits to quickly apply what you learn to your business. You’ll also join a supportive community of marketers, founders and entrepreneurs. Learning isn’t something you can do solo from your couch, so we offer live office hours, a supportive Slack community, and ongoing AMAs. I’d love to hear any comments or feedback you may have. I’ll be answering all questions in the comment section below so be sure to drop a line there and we can chat! -------------------- Product Hunt Offer Details: Today only, for our Product Hunt community, we are offering 10% off the course using the code PH10! -------------------- From our community: “You join a community of smart people up to big things, and weekly industry leaders teach concepts and skills that you can apply at work later that day. The class and community keep you growing in the short and long-term.” - Jason Reiniger, Growth Product Manager at FlipGive
The amount of care, consideration, and thought that goes into the learning and community building is very unique and an incredible experience for all those involved.
@richardtwong thank you so much. Building a supportive community to learn with is at the core of what we do. To grow, you need to have people to get feedback from, to offer advice, to bounce ideas with— there is so much more value when you take a course and leave with a new network so that's a huge focus for us.
Not only is this a great course, but it's also a community that keeps you on your toes and never fails to help out when needed. Can't recommend Growclass enough.
@emilylonetto1 thank you so so much, Emily. Can't wait to have you as a mentor for our spring cohort.
Sarah is a vet and growclass' instructors are world class. 💯🌎 Convinced my sister in law to sign up!
Love being a part of this crew! :)
@bellafrancis love having you in it!!