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Growbot makes it really easy to use Slack to give and get feedback. An actually useful bot for Slack!
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@hnshah Thanks for posting! We're continuing to make it easier and we're staying focused on building something that's both useful and fun to use.
Hey PH, Thanks for hunting us Hiten. I’m Jeremy, CEO of Growbot, and we're thrilled to officially launch Growbot on Slack today! A few months in beta allowed us to build a simple Slackbot that makes it easy to celebrate and save team wins within Slack. Here’s how it works: - Add the bot to your Slack - Invite the bot to channels and give Props (Props @hnshah for hunting Growbot!) in the channel - Growbot adds reactions and saves them for a rainy day My cofounders and I are here to answer all your questions! Jeremy
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Hey Everyone, thanks for visiting. We've been hard at work building something that's both fun to use and useful to you. We still have a long ways to go but finally got to the point where we felt confident Growbot could survive on its own. For the past year, Jeremy, Justin, and I have been hard at work trying to make something we'd be happy to use at a company to share feedback with our peers. The first incarnation of Growbot was an email based product where peers could ask questions and get anonymous feedback delivered to them. However, the engagement and experience felt broken to us. It didn't feel immediate enough, was too hard to use, and wasn't fun. A few customers suggested we move to Slack so we did. The second version of Growbot was a 'swiss army-knife' of feedback. We had surveys, props, and open-ended questions. Justin's awesome cold-email/sales skills landed us into some big accounts but engagement was not impressive. We didn't have a focus and users had too many options. So we forced ourselves to focus on one thing. The third version of Growbot is focused on appreciation. We all work harder when we know our work is meaningful. We're trying to capture those moments one sentence at a time. The experience is seamless and simple, you just send a message in Slack. Our goal is to build a product that strengthens the habit of appreciation. The more you do it, the better you get at it. The happier you are, the harder you work. :) Thanks again, and we'd love to hear your feedback.
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@estrada_joseph congrats on the launch! I love the transparency about the process of finding product-market fit.
@estrada_joseph Congrats on launching, really great to see this fast iteration!
@estrada_joseph Congrats on launching, really great to see this fast iteration!
@estrada_joseph I've been keeping tabs on the iterations of product... well from your site and the messaging around Growbot. I just now saw the update and the value prop and it resonated with me immediately. "The #1 reason people leave their job is lack of appreciation." -- A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. Congrats on the launch, I look forward to trying it out!
HR would be so much better with these guys.
You mean more useful than https://www.producthunt.com/tech... ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦ ?? 😉