Grow With Jane

Your cannabis growing partner

Grow With Jane is the go-to platform for cannabis home growers.
At its core it’s a journal, where growers replicate their real life environments , growers take note of everything they do, while Grow With Jane gives them advice.
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We've been working on this since 2015 and launched in 2017 without any investments, connections or anyone related to the industry. After a couple of months, we had thousands of downloads and users asking us for more. Since then, we attended the business accelerator Canopy Boulder and we launched in IOS increasing our userbase and reaching to larger audiences. It's amazing for us to be a part of the startup community and the cannabis community. Helping growers all over the world grow plants in their houses.
We created Grow With Jane because we are growers, we started back over a decade ago and still keep it. You can make sure what you have in your plant, after all that's what you are going to put in your body. In the race to the bottom, many industrial cannabis companies put dangerous products just to squeeze a bit more money out of the product and we rather grow it ourselves. Do you consume from dispensaries or grown...elsewere?
I always purchase from dispensaries but I am worried about the contents
I consume cannabis grown in a safe environment
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