Grow Slowly

A simple list of companies that grew slowly

The Grow Slow app consists of a list of 20 companies that grew slowly without receiving significant VC capital early on. This app was inspired by the following tweet from Balaji S. Srinivasan.
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Thanks for sharing. I'm curious, why'd you choose to make this a mobile app instead of a website?
@pav_sethi Asking myself same question. This is blog worthy!!
@pav_sethi @faisal_zia_anwer Hey guys, I am testing with my team at Interactivo to turn short articles and blogs into mobile apps like this. We believe in the power of storytelling and see if people like this.
@faisal_zia_anwer @mbenchi10 Got it - what's the reasoning why a short article or a blog post should be a mobile app though?
@faisal_zia_anwer @pav_sethi 1. Why not? 2. its more engaging than an article, I am testing a theory I had and its working.
@faisal_zia_anwer @pav_sethi @mbenchi10 It should at least be responsive so you give a better experience for those that visit it on a desktop
I got inspired by the following Tweet from Coinbase ex CTO, Balaji Srinivasan @balajis
Want to see the list... don't want to install something to my phone...
@stewartjarod No need to install anything, we have an option to view it on the web :)
I really don't want to install another app on my phone so I wish these resource placed on a website where I can easily access without downloading, updating or prepare storage for that. At the end, this is not what I would look multiple times of the day... WWW is still free and highly usable for that purpose.
@atknoz Hey Atakan, you dont need to install anything on your phone, you can browse this list at your favorite browser!