A smart self-watering planter to grow food & herbs outdoors

GROW Duo's sensor-powered planter analyzes environmental conditions to give your plants just the right amount of water automatically. Through our app we guide you every step of the way with personalized advice based on your unique garden profile, provide tailored recommendations on what to grow, and ship everything you need right to your doorstep.

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Hi all! I'm Idan, one of the makers of the GROW Duo. When I moved to New York I wanted to build a vegetable garden on my roof, but quickly realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. There was nowhere to get everything I needed in one trip, and no single resource that could answer all of my questions on what, when and how to grow. That’s why I built GROW Duo: it’s not only a smart planter but a complete gardening kit, including soil and seeds, that makes it super easy to grow 100% organic food. It even waters itself! The planter has environmental sensors and smart watering to ensure your plants stay optimally watered, healthy and thriving throughout the growing process. We also built an accompanying app that analyzes your climate and teaches you exactly what to grow, when to plant and how to take care of it. It will actually send you a notification if you need to add soil nutrients, prune or harvest. Once it’s almost time to harvest, the GROW app will recommend the best plants for you to grow next based on your environmental sensor data and growing history and let you order directly through the app - we will send a plant kit with seeds or seedlings and any nutrients needed. Our presale launches today and we start shipping in January 2018. Excited for your thoughts!
wow, this is a cool thing!
Andrii KhakharievApps that make copy better!
@yevgeniya_galich Yeap. Looks kinda cool.
Filip NedelkovskiDigital Marketing Manager
Interesting! The future is here!👍
Janice GaoIn blockchain we trust
i wanna get one of those)
Josh KhourySales, Freelance
I'm a salesman and don't interested in such things, but I'll recommend this tool for my wife :)
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