Grove Ecosystem

Helps you grow fresh herbs, lettuce & fruit indoors all year

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#4 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2015
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Mark Suster
Mark SusterHunter@msuster · Upfront
We are proud funders of Grove. The Ecosystem is their first product. It launched Tuesday morning on Kickstarter. The Grove Ecosystem is an intelligent, indoor garden that helps people grow fresh, flavorful, and nutritious food year round. The Ecosystem uses fish and plants to reliably grow delicious produce - including vegetables, herbs and small fruits - in a space the size of a bookshelf. Along with our Grove OS app, this engaging and beautiful system gives everyone a green thumb. We funded them when Gabe showed us his plans to make Groves as ubiquitous as refrigerators. The technology and plant growth knowledge is rapidly improving (efficient LED lighting and better monitoring and control systems) Let me know what you think?
Jorge Selva
Jorge Selva@jorge_selva
@msuster Thanks for posting this and funding. Looks really awesome. I really like the ecosystem approach and think products like this have the potential to truly impact humanity. Engineered ecosystems will be a huge part of our survival as we continue to put more of a strain on the carrying capacity of the Earth. Also, if you haven't already @gblanchet3, you might want to talk to the guys over at Fishbit. @naterock101 is a smart guy. They're working on a way to monitor, control, and automate Aquariums.
Gabriel Blanchet
Gabriel BlanchetMaker@gblanchet3 · CEO, Grove Labs
Hi Product Hunt! Mark - thank you for posting (and funding!) I'm Gabe, Co-Founder and CEO of Grove. We launched the Ecosystem today and have been humbled by the support and # of orders over the first few hours. I am here to answer any questions!
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman@fletchrichman · CEO, BubbleIQ: Slack-first ticketing
We're investors in Grove and it's been great watching them change the way we think about indoor gardening. They've already run a successful pilot in Boston, very excited to see them launch to the public through Kickstarter. We've got a Grove here in Galvanize Boulder and the fresh mint and other veggies are great!
Jed Christiansen
Jed Christiansen@jedc · Founder, Seed-DB
@fletchrichman That explains why I've seen Grove's at Galvanize in both Boulder and SF... :) Congratulations on the launch, Grove team!
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman@fletchrichman · CEO, BubbleIQ: Slack-first ticketing
@jedc yup :). They are hosting in person parties at all our locations, will be cool to see how those events impact the kickstarter.
ValentineDessertenne@vdessertenne · Studios illogika
I've been following Grove since your early days at the GFSA: amazing team, great vision, it's a winning combination. If I had some room in my apartment, I'd be in the first backers.
Josh Puetz
Josh Puetz@joshpuetz · Senior Software Engineer, Codeship
This is so much more attractive than the franken-system my partner is putting together to do aquaponics in our home. Well done!