Personalized financial planning for everyone

Grove is a personal trainer for your money. Through proprietary software combined with Certified Financial Planners™, we offer personalized advice at a fraction of the price of traditional financial advisors.

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Hey PH! I'm incredibly excited to share Grove with you all. For the last two years, our awesome team has been on a mission to make comprehensive financial planning accessible and affordable for everyone. And today, we are beginning to open our doors to the public. The first step is to join an online intro session at where you will meet an advisor, learn more about the service and get your questions answered. We’ve also launched our free financial checkup at, where you can get a free analysis of your own financial situation. Let me know what you think!
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@chris_hutchins for some reason when I go to register for the intro call it won’t let me enter my name or choose a time
@chris_hutchins @woahesco Looks like it's working now! 🤗
On my 2018 to-do list: ◻️ Figure out my finances @chris_hutchins, can you share any results or case studies of Grove? I've lagged personally as there's never a feeling of urgency and something else is always more pressing on my task list. I need motivation! 😊
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@rrhoover Have you straighten out your finances yet? Beyond the putting savings/investing on autopilot it seems like the issue with budgeting/spending is that there's a really poor signal-to-noise ratio 📉 and long delay on iteration cycles 🐌.
Congratulations on the launch Chris!
Awesome. Congrats Chris! So excited to see this... uh... grow.
Congratulations on the launch! The timing of this release is perfect. Especially with where financial literacy is today, we are in such dire need of Grove. Excited to see this team and product flourish.