Open windows like browser tabs

Groupy allows two windows to become one and you will notice a new bar at the top which carries each grouped program just like how Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome holds web tabs. Groupy works with almost all programs including the apps downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Can be considered as a revolutionary product for windows. Cluttered windows is such a big mess!

A very beautiful product from Stardock!


Very intuitive design

Works for 3 version of Windows

Smooth workflow

Ability to save groups of common applications.


A freemium version would be awesome

IMO it looks better in the video than in practise, still might be useful for lot of people. I don't see any way to uninstall it, there is no Groupy in Control Panel, do I have to remove files?
@albert_wolszon Which operating system you are using?
@albert_wolszon I am using Windows 10 and it is getting uninstalled easily.
@arjit_raj the latest Windows 10
@albert_wolszon strange. I will check with another system if possible.
Stardock products are awesome, but there is a free version for at least explorer windows called Clover which I'd recommend
Great job!!😊 Is it free to use ? I’m going to use it definitely