Private group travel made easy

After a few experiences where I've had the opportunity to travel with groups of like-minded strangers who share similar passions and come from all walks of life, I've realized the remarkable impact this can have on people's lives. As a result of going on these spontaneous journeys I've created lifelong friendships, some crazy memories, and have met some of the most inspirational individuals you could imagine. I wanted to make that easily accessible to anyone at anytime in a cost efficient manner. Imagine being able to quickly request to join a 40 person Airbnb in a beautiful location filled with awesome people you can meet, learn from, and collaborate with :) See everything the world has to offer. Apply to join!
@jose_llorens absolutely love the mission of community based travel / shared experiences. Not sure specifically what someone is signing up for / applying for though. If there's anything I can help with, don't hesitate to ask.
@drewmeyers thanks man...appreciate that. It's a members only product, therefore all members are pre-approved and screened through an initial application. Nothing complex, but just to make sure they're a good fit.