Facilitate team brainstorming, meeting and decision making,

We wanted to reduce wasted meeting times, create structure for brainstorming, idea sharing and create a more inclusive action focussed meeting free from bias.
GroupMap lets you choose and customise meeting templates to capture, group and prioritise for action.
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Initially this came out of having to create engagement in university classrooms and to get students to share their ideas, engage thinking and facilitate better discussion.Seeing how successful that could be in the classroom, it was then expanded to support Government workshops, organisational meetings, Agile retrospectives, design thinking workshops, online distributed team meetings and other group collaboration activities. Key features are: * Customisable templates from lists, canvas, charts and mind maps * Customise stages for brainstorming, grouping, prioritisation, discussion and action planning. * Built in polling and survey tools * Rich data, file attachments and links * Variety of prioritisation styles: likes/dislikes, dot voting, ratings (weighted or unweighted), position, scoring. * Anonymous vs non-anonymous brainstorming * Independent, bias free voting * Add your own hand drawn background and add your own sticky notes * GDPR compliant, secure and private, SSO/SAML We hope you love it and that it helps you and your teams think better together! Any ideas, feedback and comments welcomed from the PH community.
@jeremy_lu Oh hey, I know you! Looks like groupmap has come a long way, congrats on the launch!
@rossdcurrie Thanks Ross. Much appreciation! :) We're super pleased too! Hope all is rocking.
Great idea! In my entrepreneurship classes at my university we praise the lean startup/business model canvas! I’ll have to show my professor this, as sometimes we work with teams on ideas. You should introduce this concept to StartupWeekends
@gabedickens2 Hey Gabe, that's a perfect fit. We have an entrepreneurship lecturer already using this and design thinking via Curtin University - happy to connect them up if they want to exchange notes. Re the StartUp weekends, that's a pretty good idea actually. Anyone in particular you think would be keen to go beyond paper print outs and sticky notes?
go team GroupMap. have been using this awesome product for years. Glad to see it on PH
@malcolm_gordon 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. I'm finally full time and thanks for all the support and shout outs along the way!
Fantastic tool! Do you intend on creating an integration to Smartsheet, either directly or via Zapier anytime soon?
@footer Thanks for that. What would you like to see integration wise? Any process flow you had in mind would be great and we can add it to the product backlog. We have SSO/SAML for accessibility but are you looking for publishing integrations?
@jeremy_lu I'm unsure at the moment, just want to see the possibilities. Can you please let me know what you currently have available in terms of integrations? Does it exist or is it on the roadmap? Or perhaps it's developed on-demand?
@footer We'd be able to integrate with Zapier, Google docs, Slack, JIRA, Asana and the like but would probably be best understanding what the person actually needed, so we would probably integrate on demand. :)