Shoot synchronized video clips together with your friends.

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Hi, I’m Cristian co-founder of GroupClip. We are exited that today we can finally share with you what we have been working on for almost two years! Just getting to this launch date has already been a crazy ride! With expectations fueled by several pre-launch nominations as “innovative start-up concept” we have finally got lift off! Before we knew it we were mentioned at Product hunt, exiting! So here I am, to answer all your questions about what we make and help you get started. Here at GroupClip we are all online video fanatics! With GroupClip we hope to have opened up a new dimension in mobile video creation by making multi-camera recording and editing easy and accessible for everyone.
Is there a beta for Android?
@bulygind Hi Daniel, we expect to launch the GroupClip Android version Q4 this year. As soon if we have a Android beta available I will let you know.