Connect Your Members With Your Own Mobile App

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I met the founders Brian and Julian at YouTube. We use their app at Homebrew HQ for our team and the people that work out of our office. Thumbs up!
Hey guys - excited to launch today! Happy to answer any questions if I can be helpful.
@brianglick what lessons did you learn building Communities for Google+ that you're bringing to GroupAhead? What core metrics does each group need to optimize for in order to see entire-group adoption (i.e. each member sending 5 messages, a total of 300 messages within X days, etc)? Also, hi Brian!
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Two biggest lessons I took from G+ Communities (and related work): - People participate and engage with a group more when they feel a strong identity-based connection to it - in other words, when they really self-identify as a member. That's hard to do on someone else's platform, especially when you're buried four taps and swipes within another app. But if I'm a member of the "San Francisco Joggers League", I'll certainly -feel- like a member when its app is on my home screen, and it's just for me and other members. - Convenience matters. A lot. Push notifications and the convenience of an icon on your home screen really helps draw people back into an app frequently. Everything I need to access - discussions, event details, member contact info, etc - is one easy tap away. We haven't yet got to the kind of scale where we can really rigorously understand which metrics should be optimized in a group to see full adoption - though I suspect it has something to do with what percentage of installed users in a group actually send messages (i.e. is this purely top-down from a few organizers, or are members participating? Do all the chairs face the stage, or do all the chairs face one another?)
Congrats on the launch guys. Excited to see new features since the early Homebrew alpha.
huge fan of the team + app.
Although I dislike the friction of having to download yet another app, owning real-estate on someone's phone and have access to push notifications can be great for reengaging people. Related: Ethan (platform) for those that want to create their own one-on-one messaging app. 😄
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Yeah, there's a bit of friction in downloading an app; so far we've found that people who care enough about an organization to actually sign up as a member are very willing to further their passion by downloading and participating within their own app. And yes, once the members are in there, the organizations (and members themselves!) have great ways to re-engage everyone.