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Multiple Contributers, One Twitter Account

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Just had a 20 min chat with @craft_ryan ...this is a pretty interesting product. Perfect for distributed teams. Upvote!
I suppose some pricing differences but why wouldn't one use Hootsuite or something similar?
Hi Derek, Co-founder of GroupTweet here, thanks for the question! GroupTweet allows your authorized contributors to Tweet from the "group" account directly from their own personal Twitter accounts (using any Twitter app each of them prefers). They do this simply by sending a Direct Message, @mention or adding a Hashtag to their Tweet. Of course, if they prefer, they can also login to our dashboard and participate from there. This works great for getting non full time social media personnel engaged and providing content. There is no need for everyone to learn or login to a more cumbersome/overwhelming social media dashboard such as Hootsuite, etc. Half of the time, the GroupTweet contributors don't even realize they are using GroupTweet, as we try and make the process as streamlined and native as possible with as little forced or changed behavior required.
Hi Everyone, Thanks for submitting @UXandrew! I would love to answer any questions, receive feedback, etc. We are actively adding some exciting new features such as more robust engagement analytics so organizations and groups can understand who their most effective Tweeters are. GroupTweet is being used in a number of interesting ways as we are attempting to change the way people and organizations use Twitter by making it simple to create collaborative group Twitter accounts. No need to learn yet another social media dashboard or download another app. With GroupTweet your contributors can use any Twitter app each of them prefers. Our most active users range from news & media organizations, classrooms, sports teams, or enabling persistent private group discussion via Twitter. We are also looking for PHP/Node/Go freelancers if anyone has interest in getting involved!
@dshan Also, in regards to Hootsuite pricing its a pretty big difference considering if you need more than 10 contributors you will need Hootsuite's enterprise plan which is approx $1,500/mo. Many of our users such as @SkyNewsAust or @FoxNewsRadio have 30+ reporters/anchors added as authorized contributors to their accounts.