Group Text+

A messaging productivity app Apple doesn't want you to have

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I buy all Contrast apps without even looking these days. I've always had a good experience, even since the earlier App Cubby days - Dave Barnard is one of the hardest working and knowledgable developers on the App Store. Definitely worth checking out.
@davidkmckinney Thanks man. Really appreciate that.
Probably more useful than Partytime but I'm not sure it makes texting that much more efficient for me to pick it up.
@rrhoover Check it out, you might be surprised. Having quick access in the share sheet is really handy. And the built-in Giphy search is great, I used it a ton while beta testing.
@drbarnard will do! At first I thought it would allow me to mass text (one-to-many, a la Snapchat). If anyone finds an app that does that with a few taps, let me know!
@rrhoover it does that as well!
@drbarnard oh really!? Without manually choosing individual or groups of friends? Downloading now. :)
@rrhoover Yup, takes a couple minutes to setup groups and contacts, but then it's just tap, tap, send.
@drbarnard Why a video preview for GroupText+, but no video preview for Email+?
@mergesort Time. The past week has been insane! I'm going to work on that video tomorrow and get it uploaded with 1.0.1 this week.
Designed this with @drbarnard / Contrast. Let me know what you think / improvements - would love to hear what fellow PH'ers think :) Kudos to great feedback from David and Justin's rad dev skills.
@drbarnard @aub hey love both apps, email may even like better than text. Question, why the 'edit' button instead of just starting out with a "+"? I got lost in the onboarding and left the app, tried to use it in the photos app and realized that I hadn't set any contacts, then came back and found the edit button, which revealed the "+"
@TomLimongello interesting find and thanks for sharing. I'm sure David is gathering all of the most common issues for a fix / update round. I'll make sure to save this one on my list also.
@drbarnard very nice! Love your dashboard, nice layout. If I want a group it needs to be inside the contact manager already correct? In the future, can you create a way to drag contacts on top of each other to make a group inside your app or does groups always need to be native to the contact manager. By the way, your pro launcher is better than the one I have very nice app as well.
@chadbharris When editing you can create groups by adding more contacts to an individual shortcut. You can also create groups on the fly by just tapping multiple contacts or groups before tapping compose. We'll look into the dragging to create groups like the iOS homescreen. Might not be to hard (famous last words).