Group Emotion Recognition

AI app to recognize the emotion of a group image.

Recognize emotions of groups of people in various social environments. Based on a combination of deep neural networks and Bayesian classifiers.
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Hi everyone 👋 I created this application as part of my final year university project and am really excited to share it with you guys here on ProductHunt. It aims to classify a group’s perceived emotion as Positive, Neutral or Negative. It is available as a web app and an accompanying Android app. You can either upload an image from your PC or take one directly from the camera of your smartphone/tablet. Once you upload an image and click on the "Process Image" button, you'll receive the predicted probabilities for each of the emotions as well as the prediction for each individual face present in the image. The code has been open-sourced and is available on Github. Please let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions. Thank you
Lol this is the best gif I've ever seen!
Awesome app!