Indie books by entrepreneurs. 90% are free to download

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This is an amazing collection of mostly free books written by startup founders and product people! I have no affiliation with the site, it's just a fantastic collection.
@antonis_tsagari thanks again for hunting us :)
@vasvaskul My pleasure!
Nice share! Typo in the headline ;)
@evankimbrell Thanks! Fixed!
Thanks for adding Best Articles of Medium series.
@leventask you are welcome @leventask. Thanks for the curation!
I would love to have an audiobook version of this.
@simoncchapman me too. Hope authors find time to do this :)
would love to have @narroapp support this.
@mistakenlyiteps @narroapp thanks for the connection!
This is great! I read (and loved) "It will be exhilarating" from the Studio Neat folks, and it's good to see a forum for more such books.
@hassanisms i also read this book as well as «Make» by @levelsio and «Jolt» by @mijustin. Nice to see people like the project. Thanks for the support!