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Open Source. Censorship-resilient. One-click deploy to Heroku. Developer-friendly.


  • Metin Emenullahi
    Metin EmenullahiIn search for salvation in making.

    Simple, unique experience, private as in "f*cking private".


    Something this good; and you feel the urge to be critical, but I have nothing so far.

    We're creating a community website for our customers at Zulu. This product gave us the independence we love, to accomplish things that's truely unique to us, while preserving the underlying principle of simpleness and privacy.

    Metin Emenullahi has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Don't know because I couldn't even test it.


    Asking for credit card info upright

    It would be great if they let us try the platform first and then a month later ask for credit card info if we wanted to continue.

    I'm not putting my CC in before even trying the product.

    Talha A has never used this product.


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Ozan İlbey Yılmaz
Ozan İlbey Yılmaz@ozanilbey · Designer + Developer
The legend is back with new version after 13 years. 🎉 We worked really hard on this. Please upvote. Thanks to @emresokullu, @cokiyiya, Barun, and Chaitu.
Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
Thanks @chrismessina! For a sample v2 network, check out We will continue maintaining existing customers, and there's at least 6 months before we phase them out in favor of the new platform.
Steve Slugs
Steve Slugs@steveslugs
Congratulations @EmreSokullu and the team. has always been welcoming to the LGBTQ community. There's nothing new there. What's new is this modern design and the open source. Big win.
Alex MacGregor
Alex MacGregor@ajmcgr ·
This looks interesting. More personal social networks are something I expect to gain traction after recent scandals/data leaks.
Alexander Spoor
Alexander Spoor@alexanderspoor · Founder of Uitgeverij Spoor
Hyped! 😬 Running into many issues upon starting a group though, I can't change my bio or post images or... get help anywhere on the site? Someone help me out!
Ozan İlbey Yılmaz
Ozan İlbey Yılmaz@ozanilbey · Designer + Developer
@alexanderspoor This is strange. 🤔 All the features are functioning right now. Can you send me a PM including the specifics please?
Emre Sokullu
Emre SokulluMaker@emresokullu · Founder, GROU.PS Inc.
@alexanderspoor we've just created this one, it's working fine: -- please let us know your instance name so that we can check. It may be a temporary issue as well.