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Hey Product Hunters! Nowadays, we record bite-sized videos as much as we do take pictures daily. Recording a video is an easy task but when it comes to video editing, it is not that easy to handle. Of course, some of you readers will not sweat at all and can handle professional editing apps. However, I found myself that many of us out there would say editing videos is hard and complicated to master. As I do edit home video clips frequently by using video editing software such as ‘Final Cut Pro’ or ‘iMovie’, I figure some out on how to edit video clips professionally. Based on my experiences, I end up creating a video editing app called ‘GrooveVideo” with my crew members. GrooveVideo doesn’t provide fancy effects or sophisticated editing options. It asks you to select 2 or more photo or video out of your iPhone. After analyzing and calculating your media sources, GrooveVideo makes them into a single video with different play time in 8/15/30 seconds. (A video longer than a minute seems to be too long to share) It doesn’t even support any transition effect. Finalized video is a simple list of jump cuts and back-ground music that is given initially. (Obviously you can change back-ground music.) GrooveVideo app is smart enough to analyze back-ground music. Based on its tempo and BPM, it can calculate out music beats where each jump cut would be placed onto. Finalized video flows naturally with its back-ground music. We wish to create a app that let people editing videos easy and quick. It might sound strange to you but we believe well edited video is generally a video that hardly can be recognizable. We do not follow fancy video effects and hundreds of video editing options that others might say they are essential for video editing app. We only focus how to compose a list of jump cuts onto music beats nicely. Very simple components of two, jump cuts and music beats are most important aspect of building an app, GrooveVideo. If you are a person who likes to record videos daily but doesn’t want to spend hours on editing them, GrooveVideo might give you a good solution for you. GrooveVideo is available now in the App Store. For more details, please visit our official website.
All service is free to use now. You might want to save your videos created with GrooveVideo app but it can be nicer if you can share yours with hash tag #groovevideo through various SNS such as facebook or Instragram. Your works might inspire others to the world of video editing. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about GrooveVideo ! Thanks!