Music-streaming service, Grooveshark, is back from the dead

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Grooveshark suddenly shut down a few days ago but according to BGR someone that goes by the name of "Shark" apparently backed up 90% of the content (still working on the remaining 10%) and revived the ~8 year old service as EDIT: I should note that I don't condone piracy and encourage people to pay creators for making great stuff.
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the original team will be on the hook for 75 million if they don't abide by the terms. Not them, me thinks...
This seems weird to me.
Starting to wonder if this isn't really them. Their DMCA page says: >"It is vital to understand that has no control of the content you may access via links provided from the search engines. The content of links provided from is determined solely by other parties. These parties have no affiliation with and are alone responsible for the content of the files they place available for public download on the Internet. Before downloading any file, you understand that all the links provided by are all on other servers, and only have links to those servers." So... they don't host content like they used to, or they're lying.
The low quality all around (just click the tweet button for an example of very poor grammar) makes me think that this isn't from the original team.