Track keywords on Facebook groups

#4 Product of the DayNovember 14, 2019
Groouply is a Facebook group keyword notification tool. It tracks any keyword on any Fb group.
You can think of it as Google Alerts for Facebook groups.
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Hello! My name is Mike - I'm a bootstrapper from Italy and today I'm launching Groouply. 🚀 I run a portfolio of SaaS ( but as I'm not funded, my marketing budget is tight! So, I decided to rely on Facebook groups to get some traffic. The problem was that whenever I would post something on Facebook groups, it would feel spammy. On the other hand, I knew a lot of relevant conversations happen inside Facebook groups all the time, and I wanted to get involved in those. I was tired of checking Fb groups manually. That's why I created Groouply. Groouply lets you track any keyword inside any Facebook group so that you can engage in relevant conversations. Here are some features of the platform: ➡️Tracks open and closed groups ➡️Checks groups hourly ➡️ Sends reports and instant notifications I'm excited for you to try Groouply and track your first group!
This looks really interesting but you need to include a trial version of some sort, either for a limited amount of time or for only one keyword on one group. I am not going to pay $99 if I haven't made sure this thing works first.
@gkollias Hey George, I hear your concerns. We used to have a metered plan where users would just pay for notifications that were sent to them, but costs in the backend are too high for me right now. Feel free to reach out to with a group and a keyword you want to track and we will prove to you that it works =)
@gkollias I agree with you. There needs to be a trial to see if this even works. I would never pay $100 up front for a tool I'm not sure even works. I see the others posting about the cost being high, and I would agree too. Give at least a 7 day trial or something so people can see the value.
Price seems high (99$ to track 10 keywords on 5 groups)
@francois_rigal1 Hello, high compared to what?
@mikerubini compared to the budget saas marketing of a freelance and compared to the minimal function of this product. In my kit of saas, if each asked me 100€/month, it would be problematic. For me, tracking words is usefull, but cheap.
@francois_rigal1 I respect your position, but I'm also a freelancer and I personally pay €1,000+/mo in subscriptions to useful companies that help me in my work.
This looks so cool. One of the things that has been holding me back from trying marketing via FB groups is the idea that it would take so much time to skim through the groups on a regular basis.
@jozacks Yeah, me too! That's exactly why I built this. Also, when you comment on relevant posts, you can promote your stuff and it will feel less spammy because you are actually trying to help. I know the process is still a lot of work, but as Paul Graham says doing "things that do not scale" is the best way to grow especially at an early stage.
This looks cool. I've been trying to limit FB use as it can turn into a massive timesuck - but I know I'm missing out on new potential clients because I'm not closely monitoring FB groups. Groouply looks like an ideal solution!